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It is important to "us" as animal/pit bull lovers' to take a stand and fight for this INCREDIBLE breed. They are so misrepresented and surrounded by negative media, that someone has to take a stand. We MUST take a stand! People have forgotten that "We the People" are the Government, so why do we let them decide on what animals are right and which aren't. It is unethical to think that an innocent breed is being killed for human error. How is it LEGAL that local shelters in Arkansas where the breed is banned, euthanize any type of the breed or any dog that resembles a pit bull with NO CHANCE of adoption?? Why are pit bull lovers' sitting back and allowing this to still go on? Education is key!! The negative media is ignorant about the breed. Any dog or animal alike can be aggressive if they are mistreated or taught that. Laws need to be formed to place restrictions for owners of this breed but the dog should never be punished for the human error!!  Please visit Death of America's Babysitter on Facebook and share and like the page to get the word out!!


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