Save Pine Tree Park - Stop the Sale & Construction of a High Density Subdivision

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Pine Tree Park is an oasis of natural beauty nestled in a residential neighborhood. It features wide open uninterrupted space, nature trails, and trees - it is loved and enjoyed not only by people in the region but by various species of wildlife that call the Park 'home'.

We are upset because…

King County voters approved a Forward Thrust bond measure that purchased land for numerous parks countywide, including Pine Tree Park, to help preserve open space. The City of Kent later annexed the unincorporated area and took control of the Park, the transfer agreement says: “The City covenants to operate and maintain the site in perpetuity as a public open space …”

Developments happen all the time, but the City intends to take a "forever" park and turn it into one. The City intends to sell off our parks and green space.

In addition, The City "dropped the ball" on notifying the public about their plans to sell the Park to developer Oakpointe. Their plans are to disrupt the open nature of the Park, violate its design, and build a high density 64 home subdivision wedged between a elementary school and private road. It will include three roads and demolish an entire woodland area.

The sale costs $2 million. The City says the sale is legal, they can sell the Park as long as proceeds are used to acquire other property for parks. However, the City does not have a plan on how they will reinvest the money back into the parks system.

This construction will become an assault to Pine Tree Park, a natural wonderland where children walk the trails to school and residents unwind after a day of work or enjoy peace on the weekends. Surrounded by lush wetlands, a development of this size would unleash irreversible abuse upon the Park's environment, its wildlife, and forever change the peaceful allure that residents have been drawn to for decades.

Help us stop this sale that is currently still pending (closing June 15 or much earlier). If we cannot stop the sale then we must make sure the footprint of the development does not swallow up our entire park.

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We will need strong legal counsel to help us fight this sale. As a small grassroots team anything you are able to contribute, $1, $5, $10 or more, it all adds up and helps tremendously. Thank you for considering. To donate visit our GoFundMe site:

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We can't thank you enough for your support. Together let's fight this proposed development and save Pine Tree Park from irreversible harm! Do not let the City set a precedent for other cities and neighborhoods in King County and beyond, do not let them sell off any of our parks and green space. Please let your voice be heard! Thank you again for your help.

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