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Save Pets by Helping to Support Making Rabies Vaccine Titers Legally Acceptable in the US

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Dogs and cats are vaccinated routinely against the rabies virus every 1 to 3 years in the United States, even though the Rabies Challenge Fund researchers, Dr. Jean Dodds, and Dr. Ron Schultz have proven that even a single dose of rabies vaccine can provide lifetime immunity!

We seek to reach out with this petition to the American Veterinary Medical Association, vaccine manufacturers, and lawmakers to show them that pet parents and the veterinary world wants to change improve the current laws regarding frequency of rabies vaccination. We recommend that legislators replace current vaccination requirements and allow waivers for ill pets or those who have had a reaction and allow a protective rabies titer level to be accepted for pet licensure.  YOU can help by signing this petition and by having a rabies titers performed on YOUR pets to show that they have a long-lasting immunity!

Here is more explanation about titers…and risks associated with unnecessary vaccination…

A lot of research has been performed on dog and cat serum to establish what antibody titer levels are protective against distemper/parvo and distemper/rhino/calici respectively. Very new research does now exist to assert what titer levels are protective against the rabies virus as well. Challenge studies based on time interval since last vaccination have been performed for rabies. This is what dictates the 1 year initial, 3 year booster rule. A soon to be published new study proves that “3 year” vaccine for rabies actually protects for 7 or more years. This study also showed that any titer level is protective for rabies as well. There are a small percentage of dogs however, which are non-responders to rabies vaccination. This is why a titer is especially important! It is not safe to assume that vaccinated dogs are protected, some are not.

Currently, legal guidelines for administration of rabies vaccine are based on duration of immunity to challenge studies, not on titer levels. Therefore performance of titer testing for rabies protection does not yield results accepted for licensure. This archaic law needs to change! Keep in mind, vaccine manufacturers state that a vaccine should only be administered to “healthy dogs and cats.”  Efficacy could be affected by “stress, weather, nutrition, disease, parasitism, concurrent treatments, individual idiosyncrasies or impaired immunological competency.”  Therefore the administration of a vaccine does not guarantee protection. Public health laws should be based on current science. Because some pets do not respond to vaccination, all pets should be titered. If they are protected, then no vaccine should be administered. If they are not protected, despite having been vaccinated, then we will have that awareness and not falsely assume that they are protected.

Every time a pet is vaccinated they are put at risk for minor reactions and more serious, such as anaphylaxis or immune-mediated diseases, such as bleeding disorders or even vaccine-site tumors.

This does not need to be the case where one needs to suffer in order to protect the group; a titer test will solve all concerns!

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