Save Parker Street Access to US 30

Save Parker Street Access to US 30

July 11, 2022
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District Deputy Commissioner Todd H. Johnson
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan Reeder
  • The City of Warsaw planning department and Mayor Thallemer are proposing to eliminate US 30 access to and from the Menards complex as part of the US 30 limited access highway project.
  • All US 30 traffic will be routed through residential neighborhoods, increasing traffic and decreasing safety
  • Parker street access to US-30 must remain open for the safety of our neighborhoods!

Did You Know?

The US 30 Coalition and city of Warsaw are approaching the final planning stages of changes to US-30, making it more of a limited access highway. While this has many overall benefits, the currently proposed changes will dramatically affect our neighborhoods and households. 

How the change affects you

The picture above highlights the current proposal that is gaining traction in the planning community. The Parker Street access to US-30 at the (current) intersection will be turned into an underpass, making it impossible to get off or on to US-30 from Parker Street. While this will ease traffic conditions for residents seeking access to Menards, etc from the west side of the city, it will reduce ease of access to US-30 for you and your household. Additionally, all semi-truck and out-of-town traffic to Menards, Martin’s, Aldi, Discount Tire, etc will have to be rerouted through various neighborhood access streets.  This will greatly increase traffic through many residential areas, including Patterson Place, Timber Ridge, Paths of Deerfield, Lincoln Park and others, as well as the areas around Harrison Elementary, Kuder Estates and North Pointe

What can you do?

The current intersection at Parker Street and US-30 allows direct access to the Menards shopping complex straight off of the highway. At this time, there is no proposal to allow traffic to exit from US-30 at Parker Street, once the changes to US-30 are enacted. Community leaders and others need (are soliciting) feedback from neighborhood residents regarding the proposed changes. Let them know - Parker street access to US-30 must remain open for the safety of our neighborhoods!

There are several options you can use to let them know the impact this will have on you and your family: 

1) becoming better informed regarding proposed US-30 changes 

2) signing the petition

3) contacting leaders by email or phone, and 

4) attending community feedback groups to express your concerns to road and government officials



Joe Thallemer - - (574) 372-9595

Jeff Grose - - (574) 549-3322

Jeremy Skinner - - (574) 306-1579

Justin Taylor - - (574) 372-9550

Cary Groninger - - (574) 527-6665

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Signatures: 360Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

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