Save PANTHEON (Prime Video AU/NZ)

Save PANTHEON (Prime Video AU/NZ)

January 9, 2023
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Started by Connor Morley



AMC's first animated series has been cancelled, so let's save it!


For those who don't know, Pantheon is an adult sci-fi animated series about the concept of Uploaded Intelligence (scanning your brain into the Cloud), and its consequences when giving it to the hands of big-tech corporations. Based on a series of short stories by Ken Liu, Pantheon is an intelligent and well written animated series with three dimensional characters that we can emotionally invest in, and an interesting commentary on technology and capitalism. The show features a talented and star-studded cast, including Paul Dano, Katie Chang, Daniel Dae Kim, Rosemarie DeWitt, Aaron Eckhart, Maude Apatow and William Hurt (his final performance). Any fan of intelligent science fiction stories (i.e. Blade Runner) or Japanese anime (i.e. Ghost in the Shell) would have gotten a good kick out of Pantheon. So, how come you've never heard of it until now; you might ask? Well, that's because the executives at AMC released it on their streaming platform (AMC+) with little to no marketing behind it, thus causing the show to fall into obscurity. Pantheon still gained a following, and was renewed for a second season at the time of its production. Sadly, all those hopes and dreams for a second season have been taken away. On January 8th, according to reports, the executives at AMC scrapped the show after production for Season 2 was completed, and we CAN NOT let this happen!!! What made Pantheon stand out was not only its well rounded characters and smooth animation, but how ahead of its time it could be if we're not careful enough. It's thought provoking as it is entertaining! To end the series on such an emotional cliffhanger would leave audiences scratching their heads, begging for answers; and with Season 2 completing production, fans deserve to know what happens next! Not only does canceling the show after completing Season 2 deeply affect the viewers (myself included), but also the cast members, the show-runner, and the animation team who put all their blood, sweat and tears into it. Thankfully, the first season is currently on HIDIVE, and a report from Deadline claims there's a small chance it could be marketed to another big streaming platform. But, who knows if that's to be the case? With all the passion and love behind this series, it does not deserve to be scrapped and forgotten about. We, the fans, have the power to make a change!

If you are a fan of Pantheon, or at least a fan of science fiction, anime, or adult Western animation that's influenced by anime, then please show your support by signing this petition, and spreading the word on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with #SavePantheon. With your help, we can give Pantheon a new life on a different network or streaming platform like Amazon or Adult Swim. If we don't do anything, Pantheon will be locked away in the AMC vault of cancelled shows, collecting dust. For the sake of animation, let's turn a small chance into a big one!

UPDATE: Seasons 1 & 2 of Pantheon are now available to watch on Amazon Prime, but only in Australia and New Zealand. Let's convince AMC and Amazon to release both seasons on Prime internationally, so that pirating or surfing the web won't be their only options.




Synopsis: Maddie, a bullied teen, receives strange online messages from someone who claims to be her deceased father, David. She soon discovers that her father was part of an experiment that scanned his brain, and uploaded it into the Cloud. This experiment is called Uploaded Intelligence (U.I.). After discovering the truth about her father, it is soon revealed that he isn't the only U.I. being surfacing the Cloud, and a large conspiracy erupts as it threatens the world to technological warfare.



Katie Chang as Maddie Kim

Paul Dano as Caspian Keyes

Daniel Dae Kim as David Kim

Rosemarie DeWitt as Ellen Kim

Raza Jaffrey as Chanda

Heather Lind as Laurie Lowell

Scoot McNairy as Cody

Aaron Eckhart as Cary 

Taylor Schilling as Renee

Ron Livingston as Waxman

Chris Diamantopoulos as Pope

Maude Apatow as Justine

and William Hurt as Stephen Holstrom


Based on short stories by Ken Liu

Developed by Craig Silverstein


IMDB Link:

YouTube Trailer:


I do not own the rights to Pantheon. All rights belong to Sesfonstein Productions, Titmouse Inc., and AMC Studios.


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Signatures: 1,165Next Goal: 1,500
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