Save Oval's Kennington Park Community Centre

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Save Oval's Kennington Park Community Centre

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Kennington Park Estate Tenants Association started this petition to Hyde Housing Association

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At the heart of Kennington Park Estate in Oval is our Community Centre which is well used and loved.

Hyde Housing now plans to get rid of our Community Centre. In its place Hyde wants to build expensive flats for private sale.

Hyde Housing first put forward proposals to demolish our Community Centre in 2014, with a promise that it would be rebuilt. Residents were consulted on what they wanted from a new Community Centre. But now Hyde is not planning to replace the Centre, just build flats in its place. They will be for sale to the highest bidder at a considerable profit to Hyde.

Our Community Centre hosts a range of activities, including legal advice sessions for residents; Councillor and MP surgeries; zumba exercise classes; adult learning; computer training; youth clubs, kids’ karate, church groups, pensioner groups, dance classes, weddings, birthdays, yoga, social events; tenants’ meetings and many more.

Hyde says that our Community Centre is not used enough - but they stopped people from making bookings for months because of the supposed redevelopment.

Despite Hyde's deliberate efforts to run the Centre down, it continues to be an essential and key focus of the community.  There are 750 homes on the Estate and residents need a Community Centre.

Hyde is turning its back on its promise to residents that it would support the centre long term, as agreed when the land was transferred from Lambeth Council.

In a summary of the housing transfer proposal and the benefits it would provide, Hyde promised:

- The existing community buildings will be refurbished to provide facilities for all residents.    

- Buildings will be maintained in good repair and in good decorative order.

- [To] work with the Kennington Park Estate Community Centre … to create venues for local services such as health screening, older people’s clubs and youth health education classes.

Hyde is also planning to get rid of the Stockwell Centre.  More details are here:

Hyde has now extended the deadline for responses to this consultation to 5pm on Friday 6 January 2017.

Kennington Park Estate Tenants Association is fighting these unacceptable plans along with Oval Labour Councillors Jane Edbrook, Jack Hopkins and Claire Holland.  Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family.  

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This petition had 382 supporters

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