Petition Closed

The devastating negative impact that this recent amendment, which requires subsatantial, and additional annual fees to be paid by small wildlife sanctuaries and facilites is unrepairable..The failue of the commission to adopt an alternative plan such as designating the USDA or County-City animal regulatory agencies as an ELE for additional inspections, which would be at absolutely no additional cost whatsoever to the California taxpayer, sanctuaries, and small business owners, is unnacceptable. These ELE'S are already inspecting licensed facilities. Recent and ongoing Dept. budget cuts should not be replinished on the backs of these incredible animals . . .

Letter to
California Fish and Game Commission Mr Daniel Richards
I just signed the following petition addressed to: California Fish and Game Commission.

Vacate section 671 . 8 title 14

The devastating negative impact that this amendment will have on small animal sanctuaries and wildlife facilities.