Stop Building Hotel And Resort On Public Beach

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Stop Building Hotel And Resort On Public Beach

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Papi John started this petition to SAVE OUR TANJUNG ARU BEACH

I am writing to you as a concerned member of the public against the re-zoning of areas in Tanjung 

Aru beach as HR (Hotel Resorts) as well plans that include waterfront areas which indicate future 

reclamation of the sea. 


The priority for this area should be for members of the PUBLIC FIRST and not tourism nor any 

other development. They should also be NO RECLAMATION of any water front areas. 


This area is the last sandy beach in the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu City with historic Casuarina trees 

(pokok aru) that has made this a special place in the heart of all Sabahans and visitors from 

elsewhere. While we thank the Kota Kinabalu City Council (KKCH) for providing us with an 

upgraded Likas Bay area, we still need to preserve the Tanjung Aru beach area as an open space 

which will not be built up with high end tourism hotels and so forth. 


When the Sutera Harbour Resort was being built, the then Minister of Tourism and 

Environmental Development promised all Sabahans that we would have a public park and a 

public beach. Of course this did not materialise as we have ended up with a Resort that caters 

to high end tourist. 


We demand that the Kota Kinabalu City Council put the needs to the majority of the public who 

cannot afford membership at high end resorts or clubs first and preserve and prioritise the 

Tanjung Aru area for public. No to the Hotel & Resorts Zoning and no to any further reclamation 

unless to rectify erosion to maintain and preserve current beach. 


Telling us we will have continued access to the beach after Hotels & Resorts are built is NOT 

sufficient justification to rezone the area as Hotel & Resorts. The whole area should be made 

into Open Space and Recreation Parks and so forth for members of the public for perpetuity. 


By saving this space for the public, Sabah's leadership would be lauded nationally and also on the 

world stage as putting the needs and wants of average people instead of big business first. 


I would also like to request for a further stakeholder consultation to be held before endorsement 

of this current draft plan. 

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This petition had 622 supporters