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We are a small town of less than 700 residents but we are a close town. We all know each other by name.  We see each other at church, in the store, in town or at one of our events.  I have lived here for over 10 years and I fell in love instantly.  Living here wasn't enough for me; I wanted to be a real part of the town.  I wanted to make a difference joining modern technology that resulted in tons of fun but with old school morals and a high level of integrity. I wanted the kids in Portland to be led by example and I wanted their parents to be involved so I joined Council over a year and a half ago and I have loved every minute.  

Unfortunately, with all the positives of a small town, it is also hard to have our voice heard but we need to be heard this time because it could very well be a matter of life and death. I need your help. I am not setting up a GoFundMe, I am not selling t-shirts or asking for donations. I just need a few minutes of your time.  We have a bridge on a road in our town, the road is called State St. and that bridge has welcomed quite a bit of traffic over the years.  Tractor trailers that missed the first turn into Portland, residents passing through, deliveries to area businesses and most importantly, a safe passage for when the town floods …and we have seen our share of floods. About 4 years ago, the bridge was deemed unsafe and not passable. The road is CLOSED, the bridge is OUT but people who knew the area detoured themselves down little side roads and out to 611 by way of Middle Village Road. This detour is NOT approved and when our town gets high waters, this road also floods which leaves the State Street bridge our only quick exit out and our only quick entrance in for fire trucks, ambulances or anyone trying to save a life or home.  The families that live along Middle Village road and the roads leading to it, don’t appreciate the added traffic. The large tractor trailers that do not belong on a road that small and the residents and out of towners that don’t respect the speed limit or the fact that our future run and play on those roads.  We have waited patiently for 4 years to have our bridge repaired. We made due, we worked around it, we tried not to complain…we know as a small town, we are not a priority but then all the sudden we were a priority. There are projects that are far bigger, projects that have been on the “list” far longer but we were escalated passed them! They must see the importance of fixing our bridge, right? NO! They want to take our bridge down.  They want to take it down completely and make different traffic patterns on the outer side by 611 and make these small tiny roads filled with charm, sometimes water and children a permanent detour for the traffic that comes down State Street and they want to permanently take away a main exit in or out of our town.

This project must be in the billions, right? It must be to put so many lives at risk. Wrong. To remove the bridge, create different traffic patterns, widen a road that really can’t be widened, we are looking at a price tag of $750,000. To take the bridge down and replace it or repair it due to the historical background (not enough to be landmark) and to save lives is only $1.5 million. That may seem like a lot to you or me but I assure it is not a lot to them. There are multiple reasons why removing the bridge is not the best course of action. There is a water line that goes through it that provides water to certain residents. To make other arrangements or plans is NOT PAID for by PennDOT. Do not kid yourself, it will be paid for by all the residents. There is a bridge physically underneath the top bridge that holds great historical value to the town and the other bridge in Portland that would technically become the route in or out was closed during the last flood because it was not safe not to mention it is owned by the state and we have NO control over its use or maintenance. 

Did you know a person can drown in 3 to 4 minutes? Did you know that in the event of a massive heart attack, if emergency care isn't performed within 10 minutes, the chance of recovery is zero? Brain death and permanent death start to occur in just four to six minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest but cardiac arrest is reversible in most victims if it's treated within a few minutes with an electric shock. A fire can engulf a house in minutes. It can take 2 to 10 minutes for a person to pass out or die from smoke inhalation. Not repairing the State Street Bridge will add 10 to 12 minutes to the response time of our own Fire Department should our town flood and those are emergency response teams that know the area and how to get around. In the event of a flood or worse disaster, you want to increase the chances dramatically that if one of my children needs help, they won’t receive it in time. PennDOT and Erdman Anthony, you would not allow this to happen to a bridge in your town and I will not allow you to let it happen to a bridge in mine. You are NOT allowed to devalue my life, my family’s lives and the lives of the residents of this town and the town’s that surround it. I won’t let you and I hope everyone who reads this will help me stop you. One voice can be overlooked but many voices together can sound a lot like yelling. There are many petition's that don't stand a chance at making a difference, this isn't one of them so please SIGN AND SHARE!! ALL SIGNATURES HELP!

EVERY life has value not just the ones in fancy towns. Repair our bridge.


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