Save Our Skinny Trousers (and our money!) - Action against De Lacy Academy's NEW rule!

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Today a large number of girls were put in isolation on arriving at school for wearing "skinny" trousers.  They were then sent home to change into skirts or "other" school trousers.  At the time of press, some will have now missed all of their morning lessons, some will have not returned to school at all as parents are extremely annoyed and angered by this decision.  None of this has been made clear to the many parents I have seen voicing their opinions on this subject.  We have not been suitably informed what the correct trousers should be, and to have to provide other trousers at this point in the school year is not acceptable.

Knottingley is known nationally as a deprived area, and most parents cannot afford to replace items they have already purchased in the summer holidays.  DeLacy should have made the uniform policy clear to all parents in the last school year by means readily available such as via text, or meetings at school telling exactly what to purchase prior to the holidays commencing so that we had ample time to source and fund them.

The trousers are being referred to as leggings/jeggings/fashion trousers when in fact have been purchased from a reputable retailer marketing them as a zip up trouser, with waistband, and have been worn by many girls for at least the last three years at this school, without any issue.  Please note also that no boys have been sent home or even identified, despite the fact that some of them are wearing them too.  This in my opinion is sexual discrimination on a very sinister level.  We have already had girls told that they are not to wear coloured bra's under their white shirts, which when common sense dictates is not a bad thing, but they have been told it is distracting the boys and male teachers. What kind of message is this sending our girls?

I am certainly not against school uniform, or following set rules, but to take this out on the girls when the parents have purchased these items in good faith, with the uniform policy not having been made clear prior to us at the start of the school year, then I believe that allowances need to be made for those who cannot afford to replace items, and that the school should be concentrating more on their education and less their appearance when in the grand scheme of things, a pair of trousers in no way affects their learning experience.


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