SOS - SAVE OUR SALMON and Protect our Southern Resident Orcas!

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In order to save our Southern Resident Orcas we need to protect their main food source: Chinook Salmon. The Southern Resident Orcas rely upon Chinook Salmon for 80% of their diet and in order for the population of SRKWs to survive, they must consume 385 lbs of fish a day, per whale. If our orca population was at a healthy level of 120 individuals, then the Salish Sea would need to provide one million salmon per year.

Populations of wild Chinook Salmon in the Salish Sea are at a dangerous low.. Our Southern Resident Orcas are literally starving to death. We are taking thousands upon thousands of salmon away from the Orcas every week due to commercial and recreational salmon fishing. 

We are asking for an immediate ban on fishing Chinook Salmon in the Salish Sea until populations can grow to healthy levels and our Orcas are no longer facing extinction. Please sign our petition to help us restore healthy levels of salmon and please refrain from consuming Chinook ( also know as King) salmon at this time. 


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