Save Our O'Hear Ave. Wetlands!!!

Save Our O'Hear Ave. Wetlands!!!

August 9, 2022
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North Charleston City Council Councilman Mike A. Brown (NC District #1) and
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Why this petition matters

EDIT: Note Updates per Municipal Clerk of Council!

ROUND 2: ONC Wetlands Rezonings
> Public Safety Committee Mtg. 5:00 PM NEXT THURSDAY (8/18)!

Neighbors, because no one else showed up at the Planning Commission meeting, the following City-proposed rezonings were passed to City Council for 1st reading this week and then on to the Public Safety Committee for 2nd approval.  WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK NEXT THURSDAY (8/18) TO PROTECT OUR WETLANDS!

Please note, the following Charleston County TMS# land parcel has been proposed for rezoning (see map):

  • TMS# 502-13-00-005 (Lot across from Bexley & O'Hear)

Proposed rezoning from M-2, Heavy Industrial to R-1, Single-Family Residential

  • To recap, I was advised by Councilman King this rezoning was to try to prevent industrial expansion
  • Our community has been wanting a dog park installed in that space for over 6 years now (NOT more houses causing more flooding issues!).  Clarification around that issue must be addressed.


To help us fight for our wetlands and homes, would you all please do the following?

  • SIGN this petition and share it to help get the word out ASAP!
  • CALL/EMAIL the Council Clerk, Courtnay Heyward (843-740-2509 / and register to speak before the Public Safety Committee BEFORE NOON NEXT Thursday (8/18)!
  • CALL/EMAIL each of our City Council members to urge them NOT to pass these wetlands rezoning proposed by the City.  Reaching out individually in your own words really does make a BIG difference and to save time, you can always send one email to all of the City Council members all at once via this petition.  Click here for a full listing of our City Council members and their contact details.
  • ATTEND the Public Safety Committee meeting at 5:00 PM, NEXT THURSDAY (8/18), Council Chambers (3rd Floor), North Charleston City Hall.  In addition to emailing them, you can also print out your individual letters and present them to the individual Public Safety Committee members in person.

As for us and all of our neighbors living nearby are sincerely hoping we can count on YOU for your support.  There is no time to spare, so please join us to protect our wetlands NOW!

Support now
Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
Support now