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Save our Neighborhood School - Keep PS 452 on West 77th Street

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                              District 3 Needs P.S. 452 and a New School


The DOE is considering relocating P.S. 452 from West 77th Street to a soon-to-be vacated school building (currently P.S. 191) on West 61st Street.

P.S. 452 is a highly successful and beloved zoned general education elementary school.  Serving this community for only the past six years, it has become a cornerstone of our neighborhood.  When many public schools in this city are struggling, it makes no sense to radically alter the course of a relatively new, but highly successful neighborhood school. 

In order to solve District 3's Overcrowding Issues for the Long-Term, the Department of Education ("DOE") Should:

1.      Create a new school (already designated P.S. 342) for the residents of the southern end of District 3.

 2.     Keep P.S. 452 in its current location and, if needed, grow it at West 77th Street and Columbus Avenue.


If you live in the P.S. 452 school zone (see map above), one of the neighboring zones (P.S. 9, 87, 191, or 199), or are a concerned member of the District 3 community, the potential move of P.S. 452 impacts you.

By signing this petition, you are adding your voice to those of current P.S. 452 parents, future parents, community leaders and other concerned members of the community who believe in the importance of zoned neighborhood public schools and do not want to see P.S. 452 moved out of our zoned neighborhood.


The population of the Upper West Side has been growing for years.  This has led to overcrowding in our schools, especially at the southern end of District 3.  P.S. 452 was created to alleviate overcrowding at P.S. 87 on West 78th Street. 

When P.S. 452 was created, the DOE concluded that "the need for additional elementary capacity in this location is not temporary."  This has not changed.


Moving P.S. 452 is a hastily conceived, convoluted, short-sighted idea.

District 3 Needs a New Elementary School.  The DOE’s original plan called for a new elementary school, P.S. 342, to open at the southern end of District 3. This plan was so well-vetted and accepted by the community that in 2013, half a dozen local representatives proposed the new school be named for educator Madeleine F. Polayes.  Nothing has changed since this plan was first made.  If anything, the pace of apartment construction has accelerated, intensifying the need for additional elementary school seats.

The DOE Must Address District 3's Overcrowding Issues with a Long-Term Solution.  Rather than following through on its original plan to open a new school in the new Riverside Center (21 West End Avenue), the DOE is now considering a game of musical chairs and populating a to-be-vacated P.S. 191 building with a re-site of P.S. 452 administration, staff and students. The impact of such a re-site would result in the effective closure of P.S. 452 at its current zoned location, effectively closing P.S. 452 at its current location and its available capacity on West 77th Street.  This idea does not solve District 3's overcrowding issues.  A re-site of P.S. 452 merely shifts crowding problems from one part of the District to the other, even though schools in both the southern and northern tiers of District 3 experience significant overcrowding challenges.  It is likely that moving P.S. 452 from its current location will exacerbate crowding problems in adjacent schools (P.S. 87, P.S. 9 and P.S. 199).  The DOE needs to think long-term. Only a new elementary school will alleviate the overcrowding that has plagued District 3 for years.

Re-Siting P.S. 452 Violates Regulations and Common Sense.  Current zoned P.S. 452 students would be “collateral damage” as they will be forced to relocate out of their zoned neighborhood to attend the new P.S. 452 at its out-of-zone location, 16 blocks south of their current P.S. 452 home.  The addresses of current P.S.452 students would be rezoned, but these students would be denied seats to their new zoned schools due to lack of capacity (with the exception of incoming kindergarteners).  The DOE should not force elementary school children to (i) commute over a mile, (ii) leap frog an adjacent zoned school, and (iii) endure potential traffic hazards to attend their former zoned school at its new out-of-neighborhood location. The plan to re-site P.S. 452 violates relevant regulations and common sense.

P.S. 452 Should Grow at West 77th  Street.  If P.S. 452 needs to grow to meet the long-term needs of the District, the DOE should follow its own Building Utilization Plan for the O’Shea campus (100 West 77th Street) and allow P.S. 452 to expand, as needed, at its current site.

These quotes say it best:

  •    “Now, instead of a simple solution, the department  is considering a convoluted one that amounts to an educational game of musical chairs” – (New York Times, Jun. 12, 2016)
  •    "You have to also respect families who have made a decision to live in a certain area oftentimes because of a specific school” – Mayor Bill de Blasio - (Chalkbeat, Nov. 6, 2015) 
  •    “Has my family sacrificed to stay in this zone? Absolutely.” “When we made the decision to stay in the city, we entered into a pact with the city. That pact was that my child would go to his or her zoned school.” – Community Education Council District 3 President Joe Fiordaliso (New York Times, Jul. 12, 2010)

PS 452 permanently belongs at 100 West 77th Street.

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