We call on Essex County Council to maintain the existing school crossing patrols across the county

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The Echo and Colchester Gazette have launched a joint campaign to save lollipop men and women. 

The lollipop men and women must stay - period. One way or another, Essex has to ensure that this volunteer cohort remains intact, and that the crossing wardens continue to be a familiar feature of school life. Our children and grandchildren demand nothing less.

The threat is very real. Essex County Council, it is true, has not gone so far as to declare the abolition of crossing wardens as such. Its plans simply mean that it will pull the plug on funding. If schools want wardens, they will have to bear the costs out of their own budgets. This almighty act of buck-passing is a direct threat to the survival of crossing wardens, who will be at their most vulnerable during this period of switchover. Many schools will simply not feel able to pick up the buck. Lollipop-holders will be treated – in many cases, with the greatest reluctance – as a disposable item.

It would be a false economy, and not just in terms of child safety. Lollipop ladies and men are the visible face of public service, held in deep affection by the communities they serve. In an era of health and safety obsession, resulting in measures that are sometimes plain dotty, it really would be an absurdity to abolish such a sensible and long established system, and one that is so cheap at the price. The lollipop men and women protect our school crossings. This newspaper will campaign relentlessly to ensure that they in their turn are protected.    

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