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Save Our Education. Save Our Universities. Recall Corbett!

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In a misguided attempt to seem as though he is getting tough on Pennsylvanias debt, PA Governor Tom Corbett has declared all out war against the Keystone States education system.

If Corbett gets his way, $1 billion in funds will be cut from state public schools along with a $675 million dollar cut to state universities. That means such institutions as Shippensburg, Millersville, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Temple, and others will see their state funding cut by 50%. In addition, Corbett also wants to cut a substantial $7 million from state grants.

Currently, as the world enters an era of intellectual and innovative markets, the US finds itself slipping further and further in education and competitiveness against nations such as China, South Korea, and several nations in Europe and around the world.

But, instead of preparing our young people to compete for the future, anti-education extremists like Corbett are cutting education to the bone in an attempt to seem as if they are simply being fiscally conservative.

Already tuition costs are out of control, student loans and grants and scholarships are hard to come by, while China marches on to overtaking us in the future simply because they are out educating us and yet Corbett and Pennsylvania Republicans are responding by cutting away our education and costing Pennsylvania thousands of jobs while creating a generation unprepared for the world of tomorrow.

Tell Corbett and his opportunistic anti-education Republicans that who ever votes to cut education in Pennsylvania will be met with a vote to recall them from Harrisburg.

80% of Pennsylvanians don't want this, so we can't allow it to happen!

Save Our Education. Save Our Universities. Sign The Petition To Recall Corbett!


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