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Save our dogs Missy and Manny

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A judge has ordered my mother's beloved pet dogs to be taken by the local animal control authorities, and may order them killed, we need your help.  Please petition the judge to spare our beloved dogs.

My mom has had a really tough time in life. Her ex-husband had serious addiction problems, and she lost her home and her savings as a result. My mom was absolutely devastated. But then she adopted an adorable dog Missy, and also kept one of Missy's puppies, Manny. Missy and Manny brought love and light back to my mom's life -- it was amazing to me to see the difference they made for her.

That all changed one day when a visitor let Missy and Manny out of the front door. Missy and Manny love chasing critters around our property, but the day the visitor let them out, they ended up killing a cat. They were just being dogs -- they didn't know any better. We all felt absolutely terrible about this and were ready to take full responsibility.

But we had no idea that the cat's owner would take this to a judge, and that the judge would order Missy and Manny to be taken and possibly killed. 

These dogs mean the world to my mother, and we think it's so wrong that they would be killed because of a human's mistake in letting them out. We are willing to do anything it takes to save them.  Our hearts are broken but we will not stop fighting to save Missy and Manny. 

Our hearts are broken, but we won't stop fighting to save Missy and Manny. We know that a petition saved another dog in a very similar situation a few months ago, so with your help and your signature, we know we can save our dogs, too.

Please sign our petition to Judge Mack to save my mom's beloved dogs, Missy and Manny. Two wonderful pets shouldn't be killed because a human made a mistake.

If you would like to help with our defense fund for Missy and Manny, please click here:

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