Save Our District 8 Public School

Save Our District 8 Public School

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Why this petition matters

Started by L. Chanel Thompson

PS333x is an F School in the Longwood Section of the South Bronx [New York City].

That is the State of the School Union.

Our Chancellor has stated that if children cannot read by third grade, we have a problem, and our school, by that standard has a huge problem.  Our school’s third grade is our worse ELA and Reading Grade, and that is an indictment on all of us. In this post COVID-19 educational environment it is important to remember that everyone was impacted and affected uniquely by it and also that everyone will recover distinctly from it. Our children are relying on us to guide them through their recovery safely so they can lead healthy, productive lives. They are our future and the same way we invest through retirement plans and stock markets, we need to put our wholehearted investment into our children.

What Principal Victoria Najera is doing inside the school is a subset of the larger issues we face in our communities of color and is a breeding ground for the division and long term effects of discrimination. We have no confidence that if she becomes a tenured principal that her behaviors and impacts will change or improve to the benefit of any community that she serves, but certainly and specifically not PS333x.  

We do not believe and have seen little evidence that Principal Victoria Najera understands that she is a Public Civil Servant and not simply the titled principal and leader of school administration even though the very name of the school should be a reminder. Calling it “The Longwood Academy of Discovery” does not erase the fact that it is a PUBLIC SCHOOL and that she is a representative of the New York City Public School System (as the Chancellor has deemed it). We have zero confidence in her ability to do what is right and legal when she is not being closely watched or guided and that is not leadership character at all. It’s not about perfect, it’s about prudent when we are talking about our children.

When parents, teachers, school officers and school officials all agree on behaviors that should not be present in school leadership and those behaviors are evidently present and embodied in a person in school leadership, we need to be vigilant and diligent in addressing them and if need be, removing them swiftly from our children’s midst. Principal Victoria Najera uses intimidation and bullying to instill fear and create a hostile work environment for children, parents and teachers. As a matter of public safety for our children, this matter must be addressed immediately and public notice must be made. Because District Leadership, Superintendent Jennifer Joynt, has not taken any [visible] action after many discussions over 2 years, we are submitting a vote of no confidence and request that she not be readmitted as our District Leader as well.

On behalf of the students who do not have a voice and the [school] community at large, we are calling for the resignation or removal of Principal Victoria Najera from our school, PS333x The Longwood Academy of Discovery, and reprimand up to and including termination from DOE in-school employment based on the Chancellor’s Regulation Section C33 and the [still] ongoing [Office of] Special Investigation into the allegations put forth on March 14, 2020 by the New York Post.  See New York Post Article Below:

We understand the politics and the bureaucracy that may be involved and are ready, willing and able to stand with the children of our community to see it through to the end. Our lives and their legacy depend on it.

“We are their voice when they do not have a voice and until they find their own”.

345 have signed. Let’s get to 500!