Save our college (UTC Lancashire)

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Firstly I would like to say that this college is a real asset to Burnley as it gets all the young adults from 14-18 ready for the world of work, companies come in and directly speak to us 1-1 so they can see which ones are suitable for their business and whoever doesn't receive an apprenticeship they either manage to go further into education or get a job.

Please sign this petition as the DFE (Department For Education) want to close it down and so far it is certain. If we get enough signatures then just maybe we can stay open for the future or for at least to finish all the remaining years which we have left to complete, which isn't many. We have a lot of contacts such as Rolls Royce, Paradigm Precision, Barnfield Construction and all of these companies plus much more help us all to get work experience, getting us ready for the world of work, so far everyone who left the UTC went into a job or further education (100%). We will not get another opportunity that provides all these facilities that the UTC offers, which has really helped us all. Some of us came with appalling grades but believe it or not we are now on A and B's, it's great. Anything good in life is being taken away from us all at the young age of 14-18.

Finally we also have a great relationship with the teachers and that will all be taken away when we move, they want us to go to a mainstream school but so far we managed to change their minds and we made our point that we all agree and want to go to a college. But however it would be even better if we could all stay where we all are!

Its not just us which are affected though so far, all the teachers will be made redundant our final day is 31st of August 2016. Some teachers may come with us but it is uncertain at this time. It would just be great for us all to stay together.

Thank You

(Speaking for the rest of the school☺.

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