Save our beautiful Lake Wahwashkesh. Help ensure environmentally sustainable development.

Save our beautiful Lake Wahwashkesh. Help ensure environmentally sustainable development.

July 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Development on Lake Wahwashkesh is currently governed by an outdated Official Plan.  According to in situations where an official plan is not being replaced in its entirety, it should be updated at least every five years. In our case case the plan has not been updated for almost 8 years.  

The existing official plan and current bylaws have so many loopholes that a current proposed water access subdivision on the top lake may be approved by the municipality of Whitestone at the council meeting on July 19.  

Our concerns are as follows.

Infrastructure:  The existing infrastructure is over capacity and cannot support further development.  No sub-divisions should be approved until the infrastructure issues are rectified.

Only 1 road into the Top Lake and lack of infrastructure to support emergency services.

Parking and docking infrastructure is already overcapacity and we have many concerns that remain unanswered by the municipality.  The Developer has acquired unusable parking that has no associated docking.   He freely admits that no one will ever use that parking as it is not close to the water but has done simply what the outdated Official Plan requires.

Environmental:  The Plan of subdivision is unacceptable from an environmental perspective as it:

Ignores the unique nature of  lake WWK as one of five unique lakes in Ontario.  The subdivision borders the environmentally sensitive McCormicks Pond.

Some municipalities require an evaluation by the governing authority (North Bay Mattawa Conservation Association) with regard to septic systems.  (most recent example was Carling).  This would ensure that no lot could be developed without knowing that a  septic can be safely installed.  Our municipality does not require this pre-approval.  There is a potential that if this subdivision is approved that septics will be submerged due to our unique fluctuating water levels.

Development:  - Approving a subdivision plan now sets a poor precedent and confirms lax process for this and future sub-divisions.

Due to the low lying nature of these lands, the developer has said that some buildings may have to be on stilts.

The Official Plan is out of date and needs to be updated prior to any subdivision developments being approved.  

The outdated Official Plan fails to bring Whitestone’s development and related environmental regulations to the comprehensive and well-considered level of its neighboring municipalities and therefor leaves the Whitestone ratepayers vulnerable to ill-considered development that is also environmentally harmful to the lakes that make up the  Whitestone Municipality.  

Planning:  The Lake Association has found several errors in the planning report.  There was a previous statement that the planner was in conflict of interest due to working for both the municipality and the developer.  We were misinformed.  In this case the developer is represented by a different planner.

Why sign?

By signing this petition you are requesting that council for the Municipality of Whitestone refrain from approving this current subdivision proposal as is and also that future subdivision developments not be considered until the Official Plan has been reviewed and updated.

By signing this petition you are helping to protect the natural beauty of Lake Wahwashkesh, one of the top 3 lakes in Ontario, for unique flora and fauna and ensure that development on our lake is done in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

You are encouraged to participate in the upcoming council meeting July 19 at 6:30pm.  Participation can be in person or by Zoom.  The link for the zoom meeting will be found on the Municipality of Whitestone website, the Lake Wahwashkesh FaceBook Page or the Lake Wahwashkesh Conservation Association Website.

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Signatures: 1,709Next Goal: 2,500
Support now