Petition Closed

My bull dog, Blue Dog, was shot and killed by a Shreveport city police officer on 5-28-12. The dog was in my front yard, with one of my other dogs, as some unknown person had opened one of my gates.
I was unaware my dogs were loose as I was asleep.
I believe there were means to alert me to get up and get my dogs back in my yard, that were not utilized by the police officers who responded to the call from a neighbor.

I know there are non-lethal methods to deal with loose dogs and other professionals who work out in the public are trained in these methods.
The police officers did not wait for the on call Animal Control officer to arrive before first pepper spraying then shooting my dog.

This tragedy happens all too often around our country and has to stop. I believe the only way it will stop is for all of us to work together promoting positive changes locally in our cities and states.
We are the voices of our companion animals, they are family as much as our human family members are.
Working with local government bodies and supporting their efforts to "protect and serve" us is to only way this is going to happen.

Letter to
Shreveport Police Department, City of Shreveport
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Shreveport Police Department, City of Shreveport.

Mandatory officer training in non-lethal methods to contain loose dogs.

My bull dog, Blue Dog, was shot and killed by a Shreveport city police officer on 5-28-12.
I want to be part of the solution to this problem and work with the city and state governments to pass legislation requiring training of all public servants who may encounter dogs, in the use of non-lethal methods, instead of just killing our dogs. I also want to make them accountable for their actions, in the event they kill one of our animals.