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Save Natural Treatments

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Why We Started the Petition: 

We believe that Ontario’s health care system must remain democratic and that the people of Ontario continue to have a wide-range of choices in treatment and therapies for their issues of life. 

Ontario’s traditional, holistic and spiritual treatments for all human conditions, as well as family therapy and addictions counseling must be protected from interference by psychotherapists and psychologists and their drug-company backers. All legislative wording in the Registered Health Profession Act (RHPA) making ‘treatment’ of human disturbances an ‘act of psychotherapy’ must provide clear definitions of important terms used in the legislation to ensure all non-psychotherapy practitioners are able to continue to assist individuals as they always have and not be prevented from doing so by the relevant RHPA legislation.

It is important that all legislation reflects the fact that the assessment and treatment of all human conditions and disturbances are an ‘act of assessment and treatment’, with psychotherapy being merely one of hundreds of approaches.  It is important that non-psychotherapist practitioners using well-established traditional, holistic and spiritual approaches that an ever-increasing share of the public has come to enjoy, continue to be available without interference and without these practitioners being forced to become psychotherapists. 

Why People Should Support Our Petition:  

All citizens of Ontario have a constitutional right to free choice in treatments for all conditions of human life.  This right must be protected by the Minister of Health.  Traditional, holistic, energy, spiritual treatment and family therapy and counseling options must remain readily available to Ontario residents without imposition and restrictions by psychotherapists and psychologists.

Your support of this Petition will help ensure all Ontario residents continue to have free choice in treatments and therapies and it will help prevent Ontario health care services from being monopolized by lobby groups beholden to allopathic medical industry.  It is important to undertake discussions with the Minister of Health to ensure that the ‘brain’ approach to assessment and treatment used by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists is not imposed on practitioners who rely on mind-body-spirit treatments in order to provide effective treatment for human issues of all severities to their clients.

The Issue:

If you practice any form of traditional, non-medical healing therapy and/or treatments or counseling, including spiritual and addictions counseling, in the Province of Ontario, your rights to do so will be severely restricted after March of this year. If, as a client, you prefer traditional, holistic, energy and/or spiritual care  treatments not influenced by the medical/drug approach, your choice in assessment and treatments of your issues will be restricted to someone who is a registered psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. 

In violation of our freedoms of expression and speech, legislation is in place to severely restrict how practitioners can interact with their clients and it levies heavy fines for any infraction - up to $25,000 for the first offense.

These changes affect all Ontario holistic practitioners, family therapists and counselors of all types who currently offer traditional, energy, holistic, spiritual care and natural therapies.  This includes hypnotherapists, hypnotists, EFT, NLP, angel and crystal therapists, Reiki and Energy Healing practitioners, nutritional counselors, family therapists, addictions counselors and spiritual ministers who do not do psychotherapy, do not call themselves psychotherapists and have no interest in psychotherapy. it involves those involved in motivational therapy/coaching, exercise therapy, coping skills training and so on.

It is in our collective best interest to become familiar with this legislation and take action, including signing this Petition, that will be submitted to the Ontario Minister of Health requesting that he ensure clear definition of terms such as psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques. Also, Ontario citizens must demand legislation to prevent the interference by various lobby groups into the treatment approaches offered by those who do not subscribe to the medical/drug/diagnosis methods and views of conventional professionals.

We urge everyone in Ontario to contribute generously to the legal effort to obtain protections from the Minister of Health at

We must work together to ensure that those practitioners who assess and treat human conditions of all severities in ways that do not involve psychotherapy or psychiatry can continue to do so without requirement that they become psychotherapists.

Holistic healing goes to the core of our spirituality. To deny anyone the opportunity to heal holistically and on their own terms, violates their religious and spiritual freedom, as well as their democratic right to connect with, and be healed by, their own Spirit, be they practitioners or clients.

What has changed?

The Registered Health Professions Act (RHPA) was amended under the cover of a huge Omnibus Bill 171 in 2009, giving psychotherapists and psychologists exclusive and unprecedented control over the future definition, assessment and treatment (at their sole discretion) of all emotional disturbances of human life. Essentially, the amendments to the RHPA have made the ‘assessment and treatment of human issues, including emotional, communication, social functioning, reasoning, thinking, cognitive and mental, a controlled act of psychotherapy’.

This legislation has already passed final reading and the offending amendments are awaiting final sign-off by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. This sign-off is called a proclamation.

Once proclamation happens, the College of Registered Psychotherapists will be in a position to define ‘psychotherapy’, ‘psychotherapeutic techniques’, the words ‘serious’, ‘human disturbance’, ‘treatment’ and so on that are not presently defined in the RHPA…and to increasingly and severely restrict every Ontario resident’s choice in health care in the future to those provided by registered psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

In fact, spiritual counseling and energy healing has been reduced to administrative tasks only and only those registered with the new College as ‘spiritual psychotherapists’ will be permitted to assess and treat others for human issues.

The public deserves a choice:

Holistic healing treatments provide safe, non-intrusive, drug free and effective relief of emotional, mental and some physical disturbances of life in a dignified and safe environment.

Holistic, traditional, energy and spiritual care have been offered for some cases for thousands of years and are the 1st and primary source of medicine and health care for 80% of the world's population.  The 'new kids' on the block, the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, must not be permitted to interfere with these services.

Removing safe, effective, dignified, empathic holistic therapies from the pallet of health care choices for the troubled client is seriously unwise and unjust, given the severe failure of conventional treatment  approaches.

As a free citizen of Ontario it is your constitutional right to a choice between conventional and non-conventional therapies and there must be options readily available when a client feels conventional treatment is not effective or safe.  This legislation will force Ontarians to go to Quebec or New York for traditional, holistic and energy treatments, which also harms Ontario’s economy by depriving almost 10,000 holistic practioners of their livelihoods.

The impact of this legislation

Holistic practitioners are not interested in doing battle with Western Medicine, preferring mutual respect and co-existence. We seek a cooperative healing environment of free choice and we seek the Minister of Health’s protection from those lobby groups that seek to eliminate traditional practice and free-choice in Ontario by forcing us to become registered psychotherapists and our treatments regulated by those who do not share the mind-body-spirit approaches that are successful for millions of Canadians.

Many forms of holistic, energy, traditional and spiritual care healing involves work with subtle energies that conventional therapies generally refuse to acknowledge. While practitioners of conventional therapies, such as psychotherapy, claim spirit has no basis in scientific fact, or is of no value to the healing process, the fact is that these energies are fundamental to the practice of holistic healing and there is much empirical evidence of effectiveness.

While conventional therapists, such as psychotherapists and psychiatrists, discount holistic and energy treatments as unscientific, the fact is that there is NO scientific support for the mental illness diagnoses and theories marketed by psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and other conventional therapists… only opinion. 

The legislation is open to future abuse as a result of the inherent conflicts of interests of the groups now positioned to regulate all assessments and treatments of human issues, since it uses undefined terms, such as “psychotherapeutic techniques” and “emotional disturbances”. Practically any natural human reaction to life’s bumps and bruises is now in danger of coming under this umbrella and its assessment and treatment becoming a ‘controlled act of psychotherapy’ as prescribed by the College of Registered Psychotherapists. This leaves the College in a position to later claim any technique as their own to regulate at their sole discretion.

Our time-tested holistic healing community is literally part of a world-wide healing approach that will not stand idly by and return to an era where those of different spiritual beliefs and healing modalities are driven underground to practice their modalities in keeping with their conscience.

If this issue is left unchecked and one lobby group, seeking to define themselves using a definition that will interfere with and encroach on the rights of holistic practitioners, family therapists and counselors to continue to practice without fear is entrenched in Ontario’s legislation, we believe it will not stay confined within the borders of Ontario, but spread across Canada and beyond.

This would cost tens of millions of dollars in court challenges to rectify, all funded by taxpayer dollars, enriching lawyers and the bureaucrats behind this.

Please take action -- SIGN THIS PETITION, SHARE WITH OTHERS AND LEARN MORE with our gratitude!

There are many aspects to this issue that are discussed in detail on our website. We invite you to visit www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.cawhere you can obtain further information and offer whatever opinion and financial support you can to an effort that is vital to Canada, and especially Ontario.




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