Keep Open Basford Nursery at Nottingham College

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SAVE NOTTINGHAM COLLEGE NURSERIES - Why is there no nursery included in the City Hub's plan for 2021?  Why doesn't the College want to provide nursery provision when they run Care and Early Years courses and their students need suitable work experience nurseries to train in?

The community, parents, MP Alex Norris, MP Lilian Greenwood, Leader of the Council Jon Collins and Nottingham councillors campaigned and told the Principle of Nottingham College not to shut down Basford Hall Nursery!  Cllr Nick Raine,  Cllr Linda Woodings, Cllr Patience Ifediora, Cllr Carole McCullough, Cllr Adele Williams, Cllr Neghat Khan, Cllr Sam Webster, Cllr Gul Khan and more raised their voices with the community to try to stop the closure of Basford Hall College Nursery for our kids! Parents and staff have had fantastic support from Nottingham North residents and the whole of Nottingham in general. The nursery provided crucial childcare for students and staff  and its closure is a massive loss for the community. The college went ahead with the closure.  Can you add your voice and tell the college that Nottingham needs nurseries in the college when they build the new City Hub at Broadmarsh?  Write an email or talk to your local councillors and MP, tell them that Nottingham needs its college nurseries for our kids' education.  

Thank you to Alex Norris MP for Nottingham North and all the Local Cllrs that are helped with the community campaign.

Once Upon a Time in Nursery, Basford Campus, Nottingham College
It came has a massive shock when the Nursery closed down on 27th July 2018. The staff help provide apprenticeship places for some of the Care and Early Years learners at the college, as well as looking after student's, staff and the community's children.  
This was a lovely nursery, all the staff work very hard, are very responsible and professional and the children were very happy there at the Basford Campus Nursery.
How can it be possible to close down a nursery that's been successfully serving the community for more than 20 years? Why are there no plans for a nursery at the new City Hub being designed?  The staff and parents are very sad and disappointed. 
  What happened to the college's commitment to 'every child matters'?  Our kids and our community deserves better, much better. 

Student-mums can currently study and get to class on-time by having a nursery at the college campus.  Some of these mums are like Theresa May, part of her so-called JAMs - Just about managing and they need the nursery for their youngsters and to overcome barriers to learning.  Why are services being cut that help women who want to study, prosper and better their lives?   

We're asking for some help to spread the word to our community, to let them know that closing down this wonderful nursery is not right and to see if we can change anything. Please continue to sign this petition and help to keep Nottingham College nurseries open.  Once Upon a Time  Nurseries at Nottingham College
Many thanks,
Save Nottingham College Nurseries Campaign

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