Do not end NBTNMKK show.


Do not end NBTNMKK show.

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This show has a huge fan following. Viewers are attached with this show. We are speaking on behalf of all the fans. Why axe NBT but keep Kairi even though it has low TRP, only coz its a saas-bahu drama? NBT is a unique show and has its own specialty. This show had the capability of changing the views of our society. This is one of the best shows we have seen on Indian Television in the past 2 decades. This is so upsetting to know that channel has decided to take if off air. If Colors is concerned that it has not been able to garner good TRP then they should bring it to an early time slot and see the difference. Killing NBT show is equivalent ot killing we, the viewers. We hate this decision Colors. We have so many expectations from this show. Atleast let it run for a year. We, the huge fan group, had aspired that NBT will win all the awards this year and now we get to know NBT is not going to run that long? We are highly disappointed. This show is much more than just a TV show for us. There is so much more to explore, so many plots still pending to be shown, why shutting it down in 3 weeks? Kairi doesnt even have a single fan page on facebook. Look at the fan following of NBT, 1 page has over 66,000 Likes where there are 100 other NBT pages and groups with several thousand followers. Why are you disappointing all of us?

This is a humble request, please please please do not take NBT off air.

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