Save my Vote. Make mandatory 100% cross verification with VVPAT

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Honorable Justice of supreme court,

I hope when you had order Election commission of India for add VVPAT with each EVM than your purpose was to ensure transparency in election process and restore the confidence of the voters.

You had mentioned that "The 'paper trail' is an indispensable requirement of free and fair elections. The confidence of voters in the EVMs can be achieved only with introduction of the paper trail,"

Now if EC is not performing cross verification on complaints or doing partial verification than how we can maintain confidence.

EC is continuously claiming that "all EVM machines" are tempered free but give no explanation for mismatch found in previous elections.

EVM already become one of most controversial instrument in last 3 years.

AT such time EC must take steps to restore confidence. But I am not able to understand that why they are still in denying mode that no tempering possible. EC must proof it via performing 100% verification via VVPAT against each doubt rise by any party/individual.

We are continue losing confidence on EVM. VVPAT without cross verification is just wastage of money. So please do the needful and complete your previous order by giving instruction to EC for 100% cross verification with VVPAT before declaring results.

I am including Chief Election Commissioners of India because they have full authorities for do needful things and they are sole responsible for conduct fair election and counting.

I request all citizen of India for join hands and ask them to do needful.