Save my mom's small business bakery - Posh Bagel!

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Posh Bagel has been in business for 15 years, serving locals and those who come out of state. Unfortunately, the landlord of the plaza is kicking my mother's business out and will be replacing Posh Bagel with a Korean Barbecue spot.

This is my mother’s livelihood and it is unfair to her as she never missed a month of rent and works hard everyday to fulfilling a goal of making someone’s day. As a small business owner, she wakes up every morning at 3am to bake and gets home at 6pm and still has the positive spirit for her customers and engages in their everyday lives. Recently becoming a single mother with two kids to care for, losing this store would be like losing a child to her.

As rent rises, it’s harder for small businesses to keep up with money-hungry landlords. We are trying our best to figure out a solution on this matter, but this is one step that may impact our lives greatly. With the number of signatures we get, we hope it will change the mind of her landlord.

Please help spread the word we need as much help saving her store!