Save Mullaperiyar

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Mullaperiyar dam was built by the  Britishers 116 years back in kerala.A treaty was signed between the Madras state and king of Travancore to share water to tamilnadu.It was signed for a period of 999 years.According to the builder who built this, The life expectancy of dam was around 70 years and now it has crossed 116 years.The concern has given rise to a protest few years back saying some drastic decision has to be taken to save this dam.But like any other cases it just faded away after few days and supreme Court ruled out kerala's stand and allowed Tamil Nadu to increase the level of water.If something happens to this dam,3 districts of Kerala will be wiped out and around 3 million people will be erased from the face of the Earth.If such a catastrophe strike who will be answerable.Every other indian will be showing their sorry faces and everyone will countinue their life as nothing happend.Everyone will post their condolences in social media and same old story will repeat.But that won't compensate for the loss of 3 million people.Either we have to start acting now or wait and watch for the event that will be known as the biggest catastrophe in 21st century and Indians can be proud that a disaster that took lives of 3 million people belonged to India.