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Rachael Parland started this petition to Welsh Government and

I'm guessing by now if you have not read the papers then by word of mouth you have heard that my two dogs, Roccsi age 3 and her small puppy Kilo was seized from my house. Back in May, 9 police officers and 6 police vehicles came with a warrant to seize my dogs. Allegedly, the two dogs had allegedly bitten a lady two or three weeks earlier who had 'waved at them and bent down to stroke them'. Anyone who has a Frenchie, will know they are not savage dogs, they haven't got the bite of an average dog having an over or under-jaw bite.

The two dogs are our family pets – in true Frenchie style they may stubborn, territorial and strong minded but they are NOT aggressive . These dogs have been part of my family since Roccsi was eight weeks old and her son Kilo was born at the house. They are extremely well socialised being around my children, they are house dogs, they come on regular outings with the children and I , attending my sons football etc.

In court we have been advised both mother and pup are to be DESTROYED. We are distraught with the reprimand given by the so called Justice System – in shock is an understatement.

It has been heartbreaking being without our dogs for this length of time, not only for me but my small children, we thought we were bringing them home on Monday – who wouldn't?

So as it stands:

Allegedly kilo has slightly bitten a ladies hand

There is also a small scab on one leg, allegedly a tooth mark – for this I offer my sincere condolences, if it was any of my dogs as the lady states. (It is proposed that Roccsi did one wound, Kilo the other)

I wouldn't want anyone being hurt by my dogs, but we must ask ourselves, does this really warrant 2 dogs being DESTROYED!!!! being taking away and a family distraught at the loss?

Secondly, answer this, my dogs are going to be DESTROYED, no second chances, no prevention measures, no chance to get them trained, muzzled, caged when we are not around – is this just?

No second chances – DESTROYED – a 3 year old mother and her puppy!

We have 21 days to appeal but will need as much help as possible , I am asking from the bottom of my heart and for the sake of my family and our beautiful dogs that we can get as many of you to sign a petition to get Roccsi and her baby home where they belong – please share this far and wide and lets get the right outcome, a just outcome1

We all know who the target is here but taking it out on the my dogs is low even for the police.

This reaction is completely over the top. The past is the past – it cant be changed but its been dealt with . When ones trying to live a quiet life but are not able to do so that's a disgrace and upright discrimination. North Wales Police should be highly ashamed by their vindictive actions here. It seems justice and due process are being abused because of a vendetta.







0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!