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Save MMR

October 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patrick Donahue

As a native Philadelphian, and as a person that loves heritage, history, nostalgia, loyalty, & and authenticity, it really stung this past week what the Beasley Media Group did.

In a "corporate decision" & "budget cuts" move, the company basically just lined THIER pockets, while causing incredible pain & damage to Philadelphia's flagship rock station.

A station, btw, until this week was unique & the only 'old skool' station left in the country. They have a huge following.They have great shows: Preston & Steve, Pierre Robert, Jaxson, Jackie BamBam, the overbite night show...

It really is the last true radio station. It's America's rock station. More importantly, it's Philadelphia's station.

They are legendary, they are an icon, with icons at the helm!

One of those Icons was Jaxson. How he was fired & didn't even get to say goodbye after 20 years is a travesty, a dagger into the heart of rock n roll. Jaxson was rock n roll, from his "It's Showtime", his 12 pack, or his local shots...Jaxson was a Philly stable, an afternoon adrenaline rush. Perfect for the end of the work day. How BMG did him was dirty af to say the least, regardless of "Thier reason".

Now we move to the overnight show. Again, the only radio station left with a live DJ overnight with Brent Porche, who, btw, was badass in his own right. The suits killed the integrity, beauty, & the actual meaning of radio, due to "cuts".

Fuck that! This is Philly! This is our station!

So, that being said, this is a petition to try & get someone on board....say a Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates...anyone local with the love of rock n roll radio & it's roots in rock music, make an offer & buy WMMR away from the Beasley Media Group.

I am being serious, So many of those I mentioned above, not excluding acts like The Hooters, Cinderella, Patti LaBelle, Heavens Edge, please, come together, and let's get MMR away from corporate slugs that would destroy a piece of music history, one of the last cornerstones standing.Let's save WMMR, before the corporate power wolves devour it. It is one of our last pure magic moments of real radio left.

And, we owe this to Jaxson. Let's keep real rock radio alive!!

If you know any of the big artists or others I did not mention, be sure this petition hits their desk so to speak. Let's buy em out, give ithe station to someone who deserves it, will cherish & love it.



P.S....Pierre, it's the Candlebox guy, Patrick.

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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