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Update: Taiji, Japan - As of  January 3, 2011 Misty was change at night to another tank. Misty is currently seen playing in a tank next to another tank wherein he can have companionship of approximately 6-8(?) other dolphins in a small concrete pool.  You signatures and emails made this all happen. We now need to help the other dolphins who are swimming in very close quarters.

It is unknown if Misty is still fighting the lung infection. He is lethargic and just floats above water with his toy.  Unlike the demeanor of the other dolphins that are in a pool next to him. - 1-05-11

Misty is ill and needs better care and attention. They will not sell Misty. Misty should be removed from this atrocious captive situation. Rehabilitated and allowed to return to the Ocean. Misty may not have been in captivity for a long time. Rehabilitation is a must.

Along with signing  this petition, make a call Dolphin Base Resort from the United States, dial 011-81-0735-59-3514 or send e-mail to

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Letter to
CEO of Dolphin Base Resort Dolphin Base Resort
General Manager Trainers & Keepers
To Whom It May Concern;

I am respectfully writing you in response to the acknowledgment of one your captive dolphins, that has now been called "Misty" by the public. I am begging you to consider alternative options from his current situation. We are thankful and grateful that you have decided to move Misty to a better environment for him.

According to the Japanese vet, Misty’s captivity is permanent and he will be forced to participate in the swim with the dolphins programs with tourists who visit the resort in Taiji. The town boasts a whale and dolphin museum, images of smiling dolphins can be seen virtually everywhere throughout town, and tourists can even swim with the dolphins if they wish to pay the price.

What price you ask for Misty? Why would you not sell Misty? This sick dolphin is of no value to you, if, it dies without the proper around the clock care that it needs. Please let someone with proper credentials that can care for him buy him. It will be a win-win situation for both you and the dolphin.

The world is still watching and hoping for you to change your position on this issue. Please don't let us down we know you can do the correct & proper thing more so than that we already have seen with the proper care of this majestic creature.

Respectfully Pleading,