Save Migrant workers who're caught between Corona and lockdown

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My heart goes out grim as I write this petition for people who are caught between the destructive coronavirus and lockdown since Tuesday 24th March, 12 AM IST.

No one knows the exact size of India's informal workforce, not even the govt. India's informal sector employs approximately 80% of all workers". With all businesses & transportation grinding to a halt during the lockdown, millions of migrant workers hardly have any choice on how to isolate themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

News from different part of country that with no transport, migrants are walking back to respective homes are facing lots of problems from hunger, thirst to shelter. Poor People from our neighboring country like Nepal are also stranded on roads don't know where to go.

Our Nation prompt response to tackle the coronavirus has already been applauded across the globe. We've been quick in bringing back our stranded people from across the globe. Now it's the time to save the people who're stuck in our own country and fighting for their basic needs. Media has already highlighted it.

I would urge the government (central & state both) to take prompt & appropriate action for safeguarding the lives of migrant workforce, as they did in case of our stranded people across the globe. I would also request our countrymen to lend their helping hand for those who're in need.