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Save Mickey from being euthanized on March 25, 2014 (previously 3/3/14)

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Mickey's current owners turned him over the Maricopa County Animal Control after he bit a young child, so they are the responsible party. On March 2, 2014 at 11:59PM, his 10 day bite hold will expire. Mickey will be put to death at 5:30AM March 3, 2014. It is a travesty of justice to put this family dog to death. He was behaving as a dog when chewing his bone. He did not want to hurt the child, he just wanted to chew his bone. Unfortunately, Mickey did not know that the child wanted to play. Mickey believed that the child was taking his food/toy away from him. We all are hoping and praying that this young child recovers quickly and completely! We are starting this petition for the sole purpose of saving Mickey's life. None of us are looking to blame anybody for this horrible situation. We are only asking that everybody take a look at the scenario and realize that Mickey did not seek out to attack anybody. He is not a dog that is on the hunt for somebody to hurt. Mickey just wanted to chew on his bone in his own yard! It is understood that Mickey's family does not want him back due to the horrific nature of the bite incident. We see no reason for Mickey to die for a situation that took place as an accident. He should be either adopted out from Animal Control, or he should be allowed to be taken in by a Rescue organization. He is not a viscious attack dog, he is a family dog that found himself in a bad situation. Please do not let them destroy Mickey! Sign this petition and do your part to save this young dog from death!

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