Protect marine life

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You and I are alive right now because of the oceans. There is no other place in the universe so full of life as this planet; so green, so rich in diverse, beautiful, weird and wonderful, large and small species, on land and at sea and it is all because Planet Earth is Planet Ocean. They are home to the largest animal our planet has ever known.- Greenpeace-

But now climate change, ocean garbage, overfishing, and seismic blasting have approximately endangered 50% of the actual spices. Scientists say: by 2045 the ocans coud be empty. To survive today, animals must endure global warming, pollution and fewer habitats. More tragically, they must endure the silence of human hearts. The term “mass extinction event” describes a phenomenon whereby the planet loses 75 percent of its biodiversity within a period of three to twenty-two centuries. Given the fact that the world has lost 52 percent of its wildlife in the past four decades alone, we are rapidly approaching that tipping point, and Earth is now considered to be in the midst of its sixth mass extinction event. Species are at grave risk of dying out because of human greed.

It's not too late to lose this magnificent, amazing and beautiful animals that live in the oceans all around the world.

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