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Cover the costs of novel, physician-advised chemotherapy for Manny Alvarez in the treatment of his alveolar soft part sarcoma.

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Until a few months ago, Manny Alvarez was a typical 23 year old college student. Now he is in the battle of his life against a rare, life-threatening form of cancer.

Unfortunately, Manny has alveolar soft part sarcoma, a form of cancer without any standard treatment. As a physician, it is devastating for me to see a patient faced with such a diagnosis, and I want to do whatever I can to help.

Fortunately, there is an FDA approved cancer treatment that his oncologist was able to show to be effective against Manny’s cancer in the lab -- but this treatment is not approved for Manny’s specific type of cancer. Even though Manny’s doctors have tested and shown the treatment to be effective against his cancer, even though it is specifically recommended by his expert oncologist, Dr. Breelyn Wilky at the University of Miami, and even though it is the only option in this life-and-death scenario, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Manny’s health insurance company, is refusing to cover the costs.

Without insurance, the treatment will cost Manny and his family $300,000.

As a physician, I took an oath to do whatever is in my power to help my patients, and I refuse to let the profits of an insurance company stop me from fulfilling my duty. What is happening to Manny could easily happen to any of us, which is why I feel that it is so important that I speak up. Manny deserves a chance at life.

Please stand with me to call on Blue Cross Blue Shield to do the right thing and cover Manny’s treatment.

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