Save Live Oak Trees on Wichers and Barataria Blvd!

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This petition seeks urgent action to prevent the proposed demolition of seven 50-90 year old Live Oak Trees located at the site of the former Hope Haven complex at the intersection of Barataria and Wichers Blvd in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. It therefore opposes proposed zoning, signage and land use changes due before the Jefferson Parish council on January 27th 2016. The destruction of the Live Oak Trees is proposed by Marrero Land and Improvement Association to allow for the construction of a Race Trac gas station at the site-in an area where two gas stations are less than a half mile away and which is rife with commercial development. The proposed destruction of trees, albeit on privately held land, shows poor judgement and atrocious stewardship of the overall environment and quality of life of this section of Barataria Blvd and District 2 in Jefferson Parish affecting areas which are not privately held. The planned gas station construction and consequent tree removal erodes the quality of life trees provide to area residents, a fact which has been amply scientifically verified and can be reviewed in publications such as A Technical Guide to Urban and Community Forestry. It has been proven that trees in urban environments:
      - reduce pollution
      - significantly and measurably improve the emotional and mental health of residents
      -are a deterrent to crime
      -improve area property values
      -reduce noise pollution in congested urban areas
      -increase tourist trade in an area
      -provide shade, beauty and aesthetic enjoyment thus significantly enhancing a region’s quality of life
      -provide a visible symbol of a community’s past and history.
For a private developer, or the Jefferson Parish Council to allow the destruction of mature live oaks to construct a gas station in an area currently overrun with such development reflects shortsighted stewardship of the land in Jefferson Parish to the highest degree, and a cruel disregard of the worth, value, and dignity of mature, beautiful trees, which cannot be replaced by landscaping by the proposed business. We the signers of this petition therefore insist that the Jefferson Parish Council oppose agenda items 83, 90 and 95, to be heard by the Jefferson Parish Council on January 27th, specifically:

-Oppose Agenda Item 83 : the re-subdivision of lot 4A into lot 4A1 and 4A2

-Oppose Agenda item 90: amending Ch 40 of the Code, which includes amending the zoning to reclassify a portion of lot 4A (proposed lot 4A-2) Fazende tract from R-1A/CPZ to C-1/CPZ, AND amending Chapter 25 of the Code, more particularly amending the land use classification of a portion of lot 4A (proposed lot 4A-2) Fazande Tract from LMR-LIC (council District 2) WLUZ-12-15 (Deferred from 12/09/15.
-Oppose Agenda Item 95: the approval of CPZ-21-15 for variances to the sign regulations for the Race Trac located in the 1300 block of Barataria Blvd on a portion of lot 4-A, Fazande Tract (proposed Lot 4A-2) Council District 2.
- serve as community leaders by creating laws, common in forward thinking 21st century communities, for the sensible stewardship of trees on private property in all development, business and construction decisions within Jefferson Parish.

Jane Hill , Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

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For further action contact Jefferson Parish Council Member Paul Johnson, Cynthia Lee-Sheng, and Chris Roberts:



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