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BRIEF HISTORY SUMMARIZED:  It was on January 7, 2012 that Lissa was wrongfully convicted of being a "potentially dangerous dog", the result of an incident which involved two aged pet goats owned by a rural neighbor whose forested property is situated among several historic farms.  Without revisiting the particulars of this matter, over 1,200 Change.Org petitions were received by Orange County officials asking that this conviction be overturned and Lissa be freed.

No one could have imagined at the outset that this unprecedented ordeal would evolve as it did and for as long as it has.  But the good news is that Lissa is now in the hands of the exceptionally thoughtful, caring folks at the Wake County SPCA (Raleigh, NC).  The SPCA administrators have personally and repeatedly assured all that Lissa will be provided for lovingly and be re-homed to a highly qualified adopter.  What a truly extraordinary group of folks and facility!

Many have asked "Why?" this travesty of justice occurred!  Unfortunately, there appears no legitimate answer to this question!  During the ensuing months, the Orange County (NC) Animal Services administrator repeatedly rejected reasonable solutions -- solutions suggested by the animal law experts at both Duke University's and UNC-Chapel Hill's Schools of Law, as well as that of animal services directors representing other counties and within other states, and that of renown animal behaviorists, sanctuaries, and trainers. By May 1, most had given up trying to save her life and suggested "letting her go" -- to be unjustly euthanized by OCAS.

MORE GOOD NEWS!  As of last Friday, based upon evidence withheld previously, the Orange County's Administration has committed to a formal investigation of how OCAS mishandled this situation.  Unfortunately, the label "potentially dangerous" will remain Lissa must now live out her life with severe restrictions (muzzled, restrained at all times, etc.). However, if the investigation justifies reversing this conviction, as expected, Governor Perdue may be asked to pardon Lissa in what will be "a first" in NC.  Many hundreds of supporters are seeking such!

LISSA TO IMPROVE ANIMAL LAWS: Many also are discussing how Lissa's well-documented journey could benefit others by providing a basis for reforming NC's animal welfare laws.  NONE CAN IMAGINE A BETTER AMBASSADOR TO BRING ABOUT TIMELY AND LONG OVERDUE CHANGES FOR ALL THAN LISSA. 

As planned, upon arriving at Wake County SPCA, Lissa was promptly turned out. And, even after months of confinement and disregard, Lissa promptly returned the favor by wagging her tail and enthusiastically visiting each of a dozen+ of people who came to welcome her. Seeing this brought several to tears. 

With this said, Lissa's journey has been very costly.  How much better if such could have benefitted other animals or shelters in need.  Of course, I hate to ask but must! 

PLEASE CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING TO AN ONLINE "CHIP-IN" ESTABLISHED FOR THIS PURPOSE to help offset the following expenses?   Any surplus funds will be donated to the Wake County SPCA for Lissa's and others' ongoing care.  And, hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, you'll be seeing Lissa actively asking NC's Legislators to change NC's Animal Welfare Laws to benefit other innocent animals, as well as those wrongfully neglected, abused and abandoned.


OCAS Shelter Fees   $   613.00
Prof'l Evaluation/Services  $   525.00
Legal Fees     $4,500.00
Misc. Fees (phone, fax, filing, etc.)     $   496.43

TOTAL:    $6,134.43

By: Volunteers who rehab 'unadoptable' shelter dogs at Peppermint Spring Farm, Chapel Hill, NC



Orange County (NC) District Attorney James Woodall []  
Office of the Orange County (NC) Attorney, John Roberts, 
Orange County (NC) Animal Services, Dir. Bob Marotto,

Re: Black, one-yr.-old, female Labrador/GSP X known as "Lissa" believed wrongfully convicted
of being a "potentially dangerous dog", currently on death's row in OCAS

Dear Sir(s),

Hereby, you are being asked to promptly cease all consideration of prosecuting the owners of Peppermint Spring Farm, the rehabilitation provider of the fostered dog described above, known as "Lissa". And, furthermore, that Lissa be promptly released into the care of this rehabilitation provider, as known to OCAS; and cease all consideration of current and future criminal prosecution as may relate to the matter alleged to have involved this dog, whereas:

(a) No hard evidence exists or has ever existed which would suggest or support that "Lissa" is a "potentially dangerous dog", ie, No blood or tissue was found in Lissa's mouth or on her white chest shield or paws; vet described injuries as superficial but "goat shock" and subsequent neglect by owner as the "real issue"!

(b) Based on events to date, all hard evidence and the testimony of the many who know Lissa as a gentle, safe, exceptional dog, acknowledge that "Lissa" has been wrongfully convicted as a "potentially dangerous dog" contrary to the testimony of others, without exception;

(c) All evidence to the contrary that might, would or should have supported her innocence was deliberately suppressed and withheld by the OCAS administration prior to and during the review of this matter by select members of the OCAS Community Board;

(d) The original complainant contradicted and/or recanted on at least three occasions essential initial claims to OCAS, "911" and investigating officials on the day of the originating event, as well as thereafter; and,

(e) During the review hearing, the complainant recanted prior claims, including but not limited to again reporting that (a) he never viewed "Lissa" causing harm; (b) never believed Lissa to be "potentially dangerous"; (c) never saw any indication of aggression towards his goats, himself or his dog on the day he found his goats injured; and, (d) asked that Lissa not be held accountable for his prior claims -- all of which was disregarded by the OCAS administration.

IN SUMMARY, to euthanize this remarkable dog would be an egregious miscarriage of justice.

To continue to cage this innocent dog -- and to deny her all human contact -- may only needlessly and avoidably position her mentally and physically for regression back to the bewildered, fear-ridden pup that entered rehabilitation months ago following an earlier life of abuse and severe neglect. That continuing disregard of the evidence and ensuing consequences will likely cause irreversible and lifelong damage, having the effect of denying this safe, kindly, exceptional dog a loving, caring home in the future and every opportunity to serve as the therapy dog for which she was being trained.

PLEASE cease pursuit of this matter immediately, reverse this conviction and return Lissa to her foster care providers at this time?

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