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Save Lissa

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Lissa -- a one year old, female labrador/GSP X currently incarcerated at OCAS -- is believed to have been wrongfully convicted of being a "potentially dangerous dog".

Lissa is also a dog that is widely known within her community and loved, without exception, by all who have ever met her. At the local dog park she's routinely known as "the park's ambassador" -- because she not only wholeheartedly greets all newly arriving dogs but, also, every newly arriving human. Children always seek Lissa out -- for a hug, to play tag, to retrieve a thrown ball. Adults always feel inclined to scratch her ears; to pat her head; to comment on her distinctly friendly, trustworthy, enthusiastic personality. What's not to love about a happy, tail-wagging pup with a personality that glows.

For at least six weeks you have caged Lissa because a neighbor claimed that she'd harmed two pet goats. We don't believe this to be true! However even if hard evidence did exist to the contrary, we believe that this exceptional dog deserves another chance. She truly is loved! Many would welcome her into their lives and homes. We also understand that Lissa was being trained to be a therapy dog. And that her amazing intellect was being considered for a role in crime prevention.

Herewith we ask -- beg -- you to release Lissa immediately! To reverse her conviction as being "potentially dangerous" based upon what is widely known about this extraordinary dog? And to do so "without prejudice"?

We also ask that Lissa be returned to her foster-care provider so as to continue her rehabilitation and training? And that, if you cannot concede to the latter, that you promptly release Lissa to either a highly qualified rescue organization or to a qualified adopter -- without imposing any avoidable, limiting directives thereon in advance which might limit adoption options.

We ask further that such an individual or organization be determined in advance to be prepared to provide Lissa with the human interaction, exercise, continued training, and quality of life which she so deserves. And that such have the skills or resources to recognize Lissa's exceptional capabilities.

We also ask that the aforementioned be pre-approved by her foster-care provider. And that whoever adopts Lissa be allowed to do so with impunity and absent the burdening label of "potentially dangerous"?

Lastly, we are prepared to monitor Lissa's future. To make her the icon of all that is wrong with a state's laws which fail to recognize that exceptions exist and errors occur. To do otherwise is to symptomize a breakdown in our social fiber where impersonal laws replace morality; where mischance becomes opportunity; and whereby the courtroom converts neighbors into predators.

We ask that you help restore our community to a time when the threat of legal action was not a form of social insurance; when public servants were advocates and not opportunists; where neighbors cared about one another and weren't afraid to communicate and to grow from sharing in one another's lives.

Overall, we ask that you forgive! And let this truly marvelous dog live out her life, loving all who love her.

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