Save Lick Creek: Prevent Sewage Dumping in Hickman County, TN Streams!

Save Lick Creek: Prevent Sewage Dumping in Hickman County, TN Streams!

April 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Randy Schrum

A proposed wastewater facility designed in Dickson County, TN would dump up to 12 MILLION GALLONS or more per day of treated sewage into Hickman County, TN.

One of the most biologically diverse rivers and a spring-fed stream with over 50 species of freshwater mussels and 151 fish species are at RISK- in Lick Creek and the Duck River of Tennessee.

This would affect not only the streams and water life, but also the springs, wells, drinking water, farming, and much more in the surrounding areas.

The proposed sewage plant from WADC (Water Authority of Dickson County) has an alarming amount of sewage scheduled to come from neighboring counties. 97% would be from outside of Hickman County- dumped in Hickman and poisoning this land forever.

The sewage, plant, and pipes would further destroy the beautiful countryside with unmanaged development. Harming over 4,190 acres of farm land with current studies showing that the waste will have dangerous PPCPs levels- no matter how small. Even low amounts will affect children, elderly, and those with chronic diseases. Further, most greens, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers irrigated by this water will be affected by PPCP’s (pharmaceuticals and personal care products).

Agriculture businesses will be decimated in the area.

Lick Creek and the Duck River often flood which will further push the sewage into wells, springs, and fields. We all need to poop, but it shouldn't be in our gardens, hiking trails, and drinking water.

This is critical as the number of natural springs and wells that residents count on for their clean drink water is significant, further putting the citizens at risk from contamination.

Finally, so many families for generations have loved spending time on Lick Creek and the Duck River.  Even today, you'll find the citizens enjoying the beauty of this remarkable natural area which has an incredible benefit for better mental health.

So much is at stake.

Please sign the petition to stand with us against this horrible plan.

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Signatures: 3,015Next Goal: 5,000
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