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Starting last year and for only the second time since 1963, Americans like yourself, were allowed to travel to Cuba legally under President Obama’s people-to-people initiative. Licensed organizations, such as Insight Cuba were granted a special license to provide this opportunity.

Unfortunately, the federal agency (OFAC) responsible for granting these licenses is allowing many of them, including Insight Cuba’s to expire resulting in the cancellation of trips, the loss of jobs, and financial hardship in the travel industry, which is still reeling from the economy.

If you have traveled to Cuba with us or have ever thought about traveling to Cuba, let your voice be heard.

Letter to
Associate Director OFAC John Smith
Assistant Director OFAC Andrea Gacki
Office of Cuban Affiars-Dept of State Peter Brennan
and 3 others
OFAC Director Adam Szubin
The White House and the U.S. Treasury
Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Jenni LeCompte
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The White House and U.S. Treasury.


I am a strong supporter of President Obama's people-to-people program and I want the opportunity to visit Cuba with Insight Cuba as was the intent of the President’s directive.

Due to OFAC’s reported administrative delay, Insight Cuba laid off 80% of its staff, and I find this heartbreaking in this economy.

Please process Insight Cuba’s license application which expired on June 30, 2012 so they can again provide its popular people-to-people programs.



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