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Save Lawson Place Gardens, Yellow Springs, OH

These gardens have been cultivated by residents for many years and provide them with beauty, food, a therapeutic activity, and pride in their homes. They are an asset to the community of Yellow Springs and important for the quality of life for the residents. Their threatened removal by Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority is a decision that harms many and helps none. You can change the outcome.

GMHA's Mission Statement says:

- Be sensitive to the goals and desires of the community

- Respect the dignity and rights of the tenants

Even President Obama's family has a vegetable garden on the White House Lawn. 

Please allow the Lawson Place residents to keep the gardens they love.


This petition was delivered to:
  • Field Office Director, Cincinnati HUD
    James A. Cunningham
  • Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority
    Brenda Smallwood
  • Mayor Xenia and GMHA Board
    Marsha Bayless
  • HUD
    Shawn Sweet
  • HUD
    Levi Duncan
  • Senator
    Senator Sherrod Brown
  • Assistant Secretary for Public Housing HUD
    Sandra B. Henriquez
  • Assistant Secretary for Public Housing HUD
    Sandra Henriquez

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