Since opening Ladywell in 2010 on Glasgow's oldest street - at 268-270 High Street, we have been fighting for repairs to our 'B' listed premises. We inherited a historic damp problem experienced by the previous tenants, undisclosed to us. We invested our life savings in creating Ladywell Crystals and Healing, a beautiful shop and events-space while our first shop, 23 Enigma, has just celebrated it's 20th birthday at 258 High Street.

Ladywell promotes the historic and cultural importance of this area; the ancient birth-place of Glasgow. However, our lease is due for renewal, the repairs have been ignored for 5 years and we cannot continue having exhausted every avenue of help.

Please sign our petition to present to our factor, Your Place Property Management (subsidiary of GHA of the Wheately Housing Group) and our landlord City Property Glasgow (Investments) LLP (Glasgow City Council) who have ignored our pleas and the abatement order served by the Environmental Health Department to repair our premises in 2012.

We've had such a wonderful 5 years of Ladywell, meeting you all, and with your help we hope justice prevails. Our deepest thanks to you all from Andrew and Samantha at Ladywell.

Letter to
City Property Glasgow (Investments) LLP(Glasgow City Council)
Your Place Property Management (the Wheatley Group, GHA)
Ladywell Crystals & Healing is more than just a shop & therapy centre - it's a spiritual community! It's a focal point for a wide variety of people's interests with friends all over the world. We've established a wonderful community and successful business here, adding cultural and historical interest to this area. We deserve to stay! I urge you to abide by the Environmental Health Abatement Notice served on you in 2012 to carry out the necessary repairs to save Ladywell Crystals and Healing in Glasgow. Do 'murder' a successful business! SAVE LADYWELL.