Save Kingskerswell from the Property Developers

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Kingskerswell needs your help! So much of our rural countryside is being eaten up by new housing developments. Kingskerswell in Devon desperately needs to preserve its green and fertile land in order for it to be continued to be farmed as it has been for many generations in the past. Within the surrounding areas of Kingskerswell we have had large developments being built and more proposed in the near future, the largest only a short distant from here called 'The Willows' which is still ongoing. We wish to halt the imminent proposal to build for 'significant employment and residential purposes' which will include more housing and possibly industrial buildings for employment use within this spectacular valley (Policy KK1). This valley is home to a vast array of unique wildlife including may species of birds, dragonflies, butterflies, wild flowers and animals - many of which are attracted to the valley due to the many water springs within the fields which are prolific and quite often cause flooding within the valley in the autumn and winter months. This proposed development Policy KK1 is not needed and will cause further distruption to our village which is suffering enough disruption with the new bypass that has been under construction since October 2012 . We urge you to sign this petition to help stop this constant desire to eat up our wonderful countryside by building such housing developments. Englands fertile countryside cannot be reclaimed once it has been ruined by these developments. Please sign this petition and help stop this madness which is basically driven by a greedy desire to make vast amounts of money. If the building continues we will lose Englands Green and Pleasant Land - do not stand by and let this happen.