Save Keauhou Bay From Becoming a Big Crowded Resort

Save Keauhou Bay From Becoming a Big Crowded Resort

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Keauhou Bay is historical sacred land. It's also a small commercial and quiet residential area, with a local canoe club that uses the bay daily, local volleyball groups that play there daily, families BBQ every weekend, hold funeral services, baptisms local kids enjoy swimming, and visitors enjoy paddle boarding and kayaking all the time without a crowd.

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It's possibly the last untouched historical area that has not been seriously developed and it has been a comfortable and quiet bay for locals and visitors alike for many years without a big resort crowd. 

The beach is just over the size of one volleyball court that is there, with an even smaller park on the other side. It doesn't have a crowded feel and it's not big enough to become a resort area. 

It is also the historical site of the birthplace of the Hawaiian people's King Kamehameha III. The area holds much history and is a very sacred area to everyone, especially the Hawaiian people.

Developers are considering building this area up and putting 150 Resort-style bungalows in this very historical, quiet, charming, and small commercial and residential area that many people have enjoyed as it is for many decades.

Not only is the area not big enough for a new resort, but there is also already a nice hotel at the point of this bay and Time Share homes right next to that.

Both of those work very well with this area and offer tourists a lot of fun places to stay without taking away from the land, its history, quietness, all the local activities, and the small commercial buildings that have been there for many years.

Updating the commercial builds that are already there would be great, and adding a nice cultural center there would be nice for everyone as well, not just tourists having bungalows.

To have a cultural center where people can learn more about the land, and the Hawaiian people can have a place of their own at King Kamehameha III's birthplace would be great. 

Creating a walkway so the disabled can get from the Northside to the Southside would be another great add, but NOT building 150 new bungalows for a lot of people who don't even live here, who will then crowd the bay because the bay will be the focus for them staying there.

Now, besides putting another resort in this area, they want to open up the old road that has been beautifully overgrown with native plants and is located just above the canoe club and goes right through King Kamehameha III's birth site.

This will bring a lot of traffic right through this beautiful historical place where many locals hold family funerals, baptisms, birthday parties... It will overcrowd this very small special area that locals and visitors have been using for many decades, in many different loving ways.

Putting a road in could also increase the temperature there because of the pavement, and the traffic that will then pass through this beautiful, historical, sacred, and quiet area will be huge.

Trees shade this area right now very well and also help keep the erosion down by helping stop a lot of mud and debries from going into the ocean after big tropical storms that the island has sometimes. Without trees the bay could be extra muddy. 

Plus, they want to add more commercial shops to Keauhou Bay, and Keauhou Shopping Center has a lot of empty For Lease stores available. To create more shops when there are shops empty and For Lease in Keauhou Shopping Center just above the bay, is not being sustainable and using what we already have.

Please HELP SAVE Keauhou Bay from becoming a big Resort area. It is one of the last historically untouched areas on the island that has not been overdeveloped and has been fully enjoyed completely by locals and visitors for many decades.

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5,350 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!