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Save Kapra Lake from Dying

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Kapra Lake in Sainikpuri once enhanced the scenic beauty of the city, is now dying a slow death, thanks to widespread exploitation.The Kapra Lake has turned into a dump yard for the two dozen illegal settlements surrounding it. Garbage and untreated effluents flow into it every day.

No steps are being initiated to check uncontrolled sewage disposal into it. This has resulted in the lake becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and insects.

Apart from this, the noxious smell emanating from the lake is making the life of citizens around the lake unbearable. The rampant discharge of sewage and garbage into the lake is causing significant health and environmental hazards to the public residing near the lake.

For instance, the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), a key parameter essential for the survival of aquatic life, was found to be 75 mg per litre as against the permissible limit of 30 mg per litre which essentially means that 75mg/litre of the available oxygen is being used up by the prevalent algae in the lake leaving very little oxygen for the rest of the flora and fauna to survive

It is also pertinent to mention that the nitrate level in the lake was found to be 110.3 mg /liter as against the permissible limit of 45 mg/liter.

A public interest litigation (PIL)was filed by Lakeview Residents Association rued official apathy to discharge of sewage, garbage, and other effluents into the lake making the lives of the people in the neighborhood miserable.It is submitted that several apartments and individual houses have been constructed beside the Kapra Lake and all the houses and apartments were constructed after obtaining necessary permissions from the all the concerned authorities. Therefore when the discharge of effluents and waste into the Kapra Lake continued unabated and unchecked (despite several oral representations made by the residents to the respondents and inspite of publishing an article in the newspapers by some concerned residents who are aggrieved and directly affected by the contamination) the Petitioner Association submitted a representation to the GHMC through their grievance redressal system on 28.03.2016 and again on 02.05.2016. However, there has been no action or response from GHMC till date.

It is important to note that material resources of the community like forests, tanks, ponds, hillocks, mountain etc. are nature's bounty. They maintain delicate ecological balance. They need to be protected for a proper and healthy environment which enable people to enjoy a quality life which is the essence of the right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution. 

But today everyone has forgotten this and therefore we people of Lakeview residency humbly request you all  to come forward and support our fight to direct the concerned authorities to take steps forthwith to protect the Kapra Lake situated at Kapra circle, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad it from being contaminated due to discharge of sewage and garbage directly into the lake.

Please support us and help us to spread the message across the city.


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