Save Jugtown Historic District

Save Jugtown Historic District

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We want to update you on how “Save Jugtown” is doing. There has been lots going on. Members of our group have met with the Developer of 344 Nassau St., the Mayor, and with multiple members of Council to push the message that development within the historic district under the Affordable Housing Overlay ordinance needs to comply with the historic preservation ordinance. A review of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting in February at which the Concept Plan for 344 Nassau was presented shows that the HPC is very mindful that the development must follow the requirements of the historic preservation ordinance. We have made a consistent ask: maximum three-story high buildings with setbacks from Harrison and Nassau Streets and a design that will be visually compatible with the other buildings in the Jugtown Historic District. So far, we are pleased with the progress we have made with all parties. We hope to find a compromise with the Developer. We are working with members of Council to amend the AHO ordinance to limit the size of potential additions on the historic four corners at Nassau and Harrison in a manner that is consistent with the other buildings in the historic district. 



We still need your support! This petition has gained a lot of attention for the issues and has helped us achieve the progress to date. Letters to media expressing support are very helpful. Thank you and stay tuned. 


Background info:

The Jugtown Historic District located in Princeton NJ is about to be changed with 4 story additions swallowing the 2 story existing buildings. Princeton has taken steps to expand housing around town and incorporated an "Affordable Housing Overlay" zone in 22 lots along Nassau and Harrison Street - called AHO-2. We support the addition of housing including affordable housing in this neighborhood zone.  The concerns are with the mass, bulk and setbacks allowed.

We are asking for the ordinance for the 5 buildings that are part of the Jugtown Historic district which is listed in the Local, State and National Register of Historic places to be adjusted to adhere to the requirements of the HP Ordinance. The ordinance states that the additions "would not adversely affect the ambiance, character, and appearance of the historic preservation district and the relationships among structures and between structures and public ways in the district." This change would require more compatible additions appropriate for the historic district by reducing the allowable height and adjusting the allowable setbacks.

The first project has been developed for 344 Nassau Street which will add a  4 story addition filling the rear yard of this lovely building. This building, part of the Jugtown Historic district, is described as "the single most pivotal and important building at the Jugtown crossroads. It was built in1760 and is believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

The project has completed concept reviews with the Office of Historic Preservation and the Planning Board. We have not seen a full application yet. 

We believe that the AHO-2 needs to be amended to fully adhere to the provisions of Princeton's Historic Preservation Ordinance, including specifying the appropriate maximum height and minimum setbacks in order to maintain the historic character of this neighborhood.


1,157 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!