#Save Johannesburg.

#Save Johannesburg.

1 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ridwaan Salie

Let's Save Johannesburg against the multi lead coilision in Johannesburg. 

Today, 1 June 2022 we launch #Save Johannesburg. The City of Johannesburg has for many years suffered a divide amongst its citizens; both political and economical even before democracy but I declare and say today it all ends, today we all stand united.


When the democratic elections took place 27 years ago, the people of this region breathed a sigh of relief at the expectation that we would be part of bigger and better things to come. Yet, we seem to have clung to false hope.


Empty promises and Empty pots we suffer in a political scoring game where we are tossed around as chest pieces but today we say no more. 

The Multi-Party Government in Johannesburg has proved to us that they are not here to serve the residents of Johannesburg but to serve their own agenda


The Mayor of Johannesburg has for to long push us as residents away, She has chosen to not listen to our pleas and our grieviences. The Multi-Party Government in Johannesburg has violated the Municipal Sytem Act more then once and failed to establish Ward committees on time hindering community participation.

The same government we vote into power neglect us, avoid us and ignore our constitutional right for better services. The Bill of Rights states that the people shall govern but I find it naive as Local Government is governing without communities and without its people.


By saying this, I emphasize on the lack of service delivery in the City of Johannesburg or the slow acceleration of service delivery that hinder development and growth in Johannesburg.

Recently an investigation was conducted by the Public Protector the investigation highlighted the irregular billings in the city of Johannesburg. The findings of the investigation prove that the municipality has been billing individuals’ irregularly, it also pointed out how the city violated individuals’ rights by disconnecting them illegally, this happened in the case of SARA.  

This proves that the Municipality continues  to violate Section 33 of the constitution. This is evident in the case of SARA and the findings of the Public Protector. The city has failed to follow procedures and failed to mediate with consumers. 


The current Budget that was accepted by the City of Johannesburg was not accepted by the residents of Johannesburg but was adopted by the Multi-Party Government . The public was excluded in the drafting of the budget but we say no more, ward committee members was also not involved in the drafting of the budget so how do we create community participation and restore trust when we still get excluded.

The budget reflects the lack of depth, capacity and effort in public leadership. 

The Municipal System Act states that council may not exclude the public from meetings of council or council committees, when these meetings deal with

• Drafting by-laws or a budget tabled in the council, or

• Drafting the IDP or any amendments to it which have been tabled in council, or

• The municipalities draft performance system or any amendments to it which have been tabled in council.

• Decisions to enter into service delivery agreements

The Mayor in her STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS stated that they will move away from Eskom and procure electricity from an independent provider, this is highly unethical as resident’s/ward committees weren’t included in meetings or discussions to make a decision to enter into a service delivery agreement.

It clearly states that before a municipality enters into a service delivery agreement for a municipal service it must establish a mechanism and programme for community consultation and information dissemination regarding the service delivery agreement. The contents of a service delivery agreement must be communicated to the local community through the media and other relevant services.

Section 76(b) of the Municipal Sytem Acts further states that the Municipal Council can not delegate the executive mayor to enter into decisions for a service delivery agreement. 

This is a smart move of the Mayor but involving the residents was key before announcing the service delivery agreement, the energy indaba was also a good move but did not give the residents of Johannesburg a platform to oppose such moves, to ask questions on how this will affect us both positively or negatively. This promote good governance and community participation but this proves to us that the mayor chooses when communities should participate in the municipalities affairs this can also come across as abuse of power.

The Multi-Party government excluded us from such process and we say no more. 

The City of Johannesburg has failed to hold consultative sessions with locally recognised community organisations and where appropriate with traditional leaders. The Mayor has on numerous occasions proved that she is willing to work with organisations she deems not fit, her attitude towards our organisation, allied organisation and the khoi-San people showed that she has no sympathy or regards to the people of Johannesburg.

She has also proven that she is bias and have discriminated us by not responding to our memorandum but when residents of Soweto took to the streets the entire mayrol committee welcomed them and promised to respond within 14 days. Her behavior is not only selfish towards the marginalized communities. We as residents feel insignificant. 


After the 130 Employees of COJ was fired a circular was posted giving preference to only white and Indian individuals this cause conflict on social media and this also raised the seriousness of such preference as residents we thought the fight against Rasicm was over but I see we far from finishing this fight. A government that give preferences to certain race groups are highly concerning. The circular can be found by linking this link.



The Mayor has also proven that her priority to fight corruption is optional. She refuses to suspend the MMC OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT untill investigations are completed. 

She has failed to act against the maladministration within the City this includes GFIS.( Group Forensic). 

We take our responsibility as citizens seriously and have participated in our democratic duty as required by the constitution. We make government possible and therefore government has de facto entered into a contract with us, government is accountable to us and must invest in us. 

The Multi-Party in the City of Johannesburg is failing us and we are calling for their removal. # Save Johannesburg. 


It's time power is restored to the people, it's time the people govern. 








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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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