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Petitioning San Francisco Board of Supervisors and 3 others
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Save JGA: Retain the name and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.

Jerry Garcia is a Native Son of the Excelsior District, San Francisco.  He overcame many adversities in his childhood and went on to become one of the founders and leaders of the Grateful Dead, as well as an international musical icon.    In 2005, he was honored by the City and County of San Francisco , SF Parks and Recreation Department, and various community members by having the Mclaren Park Amphitheater - located a few blocks from his childhood home - renamed in his honor.   This park treasure is a landmark in this section of San Francisco and is a symbol of community pride.  The thought of renaming and changing the infrastructure to the Levit guidelines is unimaginable and unrealistic, therefore we're asking all efforts and evaluations to cease and desist.  Thank You - Save Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Team.  

Letter to
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Mayor Ed Lee
San Francisco Recreation and Park
and 1 other
San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission
Please retain and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater and do not allow any changes or alternatives to the name of this park treasure located in McLaren Park, San Francisco. The location of this Amphitheater borders the Excelsior District neighborhood and is a few blocks from his childhood home.