Save Jaipur's Forest from being DESTROYED for an Industrial Park!

Save Jaipur's Forest from being DESTROYED for an Industrial Park!

3 August 2022
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Started by Vedansh Pareek

Petition to Halt the Destruction of Dol Ka Badh's Biodiversity

We, the concerned citizens of Jaipur, unite in a plea to address a pressing issue that threatens the delicate ecological balance of our beloved city. Dol Ka Badh Forest, a sanctuary of thriving biodiversity, faces ongoing destruction in the name of progress. The construction of roads for the upcoming FINTECH park in the Taron ki Koont region of Jaipur, close to the airport, is causing irreparable harm to this unique ecosystem.

For over five weeks now, our dedicated team of volunteers has been tirelessly working to protect this invaluable natural treasure from the relentless destruction using bulldozers. Citizens of Jaipur, along with experts in the fields of wildlife, social work, and culture, have joined forces to raise their voices against this ecological catastrophe. Notably, iconic figures like Ms. Medha Patkar and Mr. Suraj Soni have lent their unwavering support to our cause. Even Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur has penned a heartfelt letter, underlining the significance of preserving Dol Ka Badh.

Despite these collective efforts, the bulldozers persist in their illegal nighttime activities, taking advantage of the cloak of darkness. Citizens of Jaipur are working around the clock to safeguard what remains of this invaluable natural gem, often referred to as the "LAST LUNG" of the city.

Our plea to halt the relentless bulldozers and the development of the FINTECH park is driven by our commitment to protect the rich avian and botanical diversity of Dol Ka Badh. We are equally dedicated to maintaining the fragile ecological balance that provides clean, life-sustaining air for the citizens of Jaipur.

Dol Ka Badh stands as the last-standing lush-green enclave on the southeastern part of Jaipur, serving as the lung that supplies fresh air to the local residents. Our dedication to preserving biodiversity is supported by a count of OVER 2400 TREES, alongside a diverse array of more than 60 HERB AND GRASS SPECIES. Regrettably, many of these invaluable treasures have been uprooted to make way for road construction.

The 'Dol Ka Badh' area is a sanctuary to over 75 BIRD SPECIES, including migratory birds from southern India, the southern hemisphere, and the northern regions. Among its distinguished residents are the Indian Peafowl, Shikra, and the Yellow Crowned Woodpecker, all PROTECTED UNDER SCHEDULE - 1 of the WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ACT OF 1972. More than 50 additional bird species, along with Nilgais, find their habitat within the forest, falling under SCHEDULE - 2 of the same act. In the summer, Dol Ka Badh becomes home to migratory birds like the Golden Oriole, Cuckoo Hawk, Minivet, and Oriental Honey Buzzard, while winter graces us with Sykes's Babbler, Tree Pipet, and Redstart, to name a few. Our indigenous inhabitants include the Indian Roller, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, Grey Hornbill, Alexandrine Parakeets, Plum Headed Parakeet, Spotted Owlet, and Cuckoo Shrike, among others.

Note: Alexandrine Parakeet is a near threatened specie, found at Dol Ka Badh.

The forest boasts a variety of terrestrial fauna, including several Nilgai families. In addition to Nilgais, the forest is home to mongooses, hedgehogs, insects, chameleons, snakes and various reptiles and birds that lay their eggs on the grassland.

Regrettably, the establishment of the 'Fintech Park Project' by RIICO in this area spells doom and destruction for the diverse wildlife within and to city residents at large. We earnestly urge the relocation of the "FinTech Park" to one of the four existing industrial zones within Jaipur City, emphasizing that such a move would not hamper the state's industrial development but instead set a precedent for wildlife protection.

It is essential to reiterate that while RIICO legally owns the land in question, the state holds a constitutional obligation under Article 48(A) to conserve the environment, protect wildlife, and nurture the trees, plants, and grasses that collectively constitute the region's ecosystem.

Through this petition, we implore THE GOVERNMENT OF RAJASTHAN to HALT THE BULLDOZERS immediately. We request the government to take proactive measures to PRESERVE THE BIODIVERSITY of 'DOL KA BADH,' safeguard the natural habitats of birds and other wildlife, and protect the organically thriving vegetation and air quality of Jaipur City. We stand ready to provide insights for swift action. The preservation of Dol Ka Badh is vital for the well-being of our city and our environment.

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Signatures: 10,662Next Goal: 15,000
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Decision Makers

  • Ashok GehlotChief Minister of Rajasthan
  • Kuldeep RankaChairman of RIICO
  • Hemaram ChoudharyMinister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change of Rajasthan
  • Rajendra PareekMinister of Industries of Rajasthan
  • Veenu GuptaACS, Industries