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Save "Inisfada" Gaelic for " Long Island "


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Dear Inisfada,

"Inisfada" Gaelic for " Long Island "

The incredible mansion and holy place was donated to the Jesuits in 1934 by Genevieve Garvan Brady a devout Catholic. Inisfada is more than just an old mansion it is Long Island History. It has become Holy ground.

After 75 years, first as a Jesuit school, then a seminary and more recently a retreat house, St. Ignatius is closing Inisfada. This was an economic decision that has saddened everybody.

Mr Brady once said:

"What are rich people but the trustees of God for the deserving poor and honest labor... The working man's right and dignity should come before high dividends."

The church's long stewardship of this invaluable cultural artifact comes, however, with a responsibility to the greater community. Disaster threatens Inisfada, as much from vandals who would destroy it if improperly secured, to developers who would demolish it to build another condominium community. Interested parties are circling the property already.

We can only hope that everyone involved does the right thing. We are petioning to stop the sale and distruction of Long Island History and Holy Land.

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