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Building a road on one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world ...?

This is what is likely to happen in Iceland if we do not act.

You are probably wondering why I initiated a petition, intended to inform and preserve the beauty of an Icelandic landscape.

As difficult as it is to tell you briefly my story, I will forever be marked by this encounter with the Icelandic family in which I lived for several months. Even today, I share many happy moments as we meet again. This is why my countless memories in their company, in search of peace and sharing in nature, lead me to try to act to defend a cause that is close to my heart...

Vík í Mýrdal is an exceptional place. A wonderful location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by beautiful nature. There you can walk on black sand beaches, look up to the sky and watch puffins fly, admire the Reynisdrangar rocky massif, and much more… The famous beaches of Reynisfjara and Víkurfjara are among the most popular and beautiful beaches in the world.
And yet, even in Iceland, our sublime nature is once again under threat.

Indeed, the Icelandic government plans to modify Route n°1 by creating a highway through the Mýrdalur valley and a tunnel in Reynisfjall mountain. This road would then cross the mountain as well as one of the beaches located at its feet, altering the authenticity of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iceland.

Instead of walking along the paths to go to the beach, a road would take place right behind the village, potentially impacting the tranquility of the birds that pass, live and are brought to reproduce within this natural area (puffins, northern fulmar, twisted penguin, arctic tern, etc.).

The year 2020, however, showed the limits of the frenetic world we live in, a symbol of our difficulty in learning from our mistakes, while continuing to want to destroy and modify natural habitats.

This is how those who simply want to enjoy a moment of bliss and peace in nature, will find themselves in a natural place once again transformed by human hand; the fault of a dangerous road indeed, but above all because of a growing tourism

However, we can take action and try to prevent this from happening, by doing our best to help protect this beautiful landscape of Iceland.

This is why, today, we claim our respect towards nature and those who work on protecting it; asking for the proposal of an alternative solution that would not have as much impact on the transformation of this beautiful natural area.

This is why, today, we show our respect for nature and those who work to protect it; and want the proposal of an alternative solution that would not have as much impact on the transformation of this natural area, or the abandonment of this project.

Romain Charrier, photographer committed to the protection of nature and wildlife


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