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Save Homeopathic hCG

We, the people, are asking the FDA and FTC to conduct research with credible hCG diet experts and document the hCG weight loss success or failure in an unbiased clinical study under the guidelines as originally written by Dr. Simeons' in 1954.  We would like the FDA to test, analyze, and closely document the findings prior to removing homeopathic hCG from the market place.

If the tests show conclusive evidence of weight loss and improved health in the subjects after the hCG diet, we request that the Food and Drug Administration classify the hCG diet as an effective form of weight loss.

The hCG diet has been in use since 1954 and has helped hundreds of thousands of dieters successfully lose weight giving us, a healthier lifestyle. The homeopathic remedy is a safe and inexpensive alternative to surgery and if used properly will promote a healthier lifestyle.

We urge the FDA to listen to reason and to listen to their hearts.  Thousands of us are overweight.  For some of us, this is the last resort and it must not be removed from the market.  Our health depends on this research.  

Please do not dismiss this letter, we the people have a voice and are asking you, the FDA, to conduct research prior to banning a homeopathic remedy without documented testing released to the public.

This petition was delivered to:
  • District Director Los Angeles
    Alonza Cruse
  • Lead Consumer Safety Office
    Elizabeth Miller
    Lisa Barclay
  • Public Affairs Specialist
    Tamara Ward
  • Executive Assistant
    Merly Ramos
  • District Director
    LaTonya Mitchell
  • Deputy Director, Office of Compliance
    Ilisa Bernstein
  • District Director New York
    Ronald Pace
  • Commissioner of FDA
    Margaret Hamburg
  • CEO
    Charles McFadden
  • Consumer Safety Officer
    Maan Adbuldayem
  • District Director Seattle
    Charles Breen
  • CSO (Compliance Officer)
    John Stamp
  • FTC Health Products
    Federal Trade Commission
  • CSO (Compliance Officer)
    Nancy Schmidt
  • Consumer Safety Officer
    Christopher Kelly
  • CEO
    Greg Mastifson
  • Consumer Safety Officer
    Clotia Abbey Mensah
  • Consumer Safety Officer
    Aberdeen Anne
  • FDA
    Shelly Burgess

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